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Sometimes I am reluctant to embed YouTube videos in the diaries because ... they take a bit of time. Sometimes they include terrific messages. But even so, it is a step that diary guests have to take in order to engage with the subject matter of the diary. It’s one thing if the videos are entertainment. If people like music and humor, they don’t mind clicking the links, loading and then watching the videos. What about for political purpose? Do you click YouTube videos in diaries?

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This diary is different. I made the 'call' to include the video this time. Watching the video is important to the point of the diary. Please take nine seconds and watch this one.

For those of you who chose to pass it by, it is a video of a very young puppy being taught to ‘catch,’ by his human 'pack leaders.' He is not successful ... in actually making the catch. But he gives a magical effort. He CARES to achieve this for his family. He gives all he has for the purpose.

‘Okay, BeninSC. So what? What does that have to do with the dialogue on a political blog?’

Well, I find it interesting, because this puppy cares more about learning to catch than Republicans do about governing, about accomplishing something for our people and our country. And he comes closer to succeeding than they do to HELPING with the governance of this country. He works HARDER at making the catch than all Republicans in all of Congress do to make our country better, more successful. He isn’t selfish, he isn’t self-serving, he isn’t small-minded, ornery, hypocritical, dishonest, intransigent, bigoted, discriminatory ...

Republicans could learn a great deal from this fine young fellow. I applaud his brave, game spirit, and I hope you do too!

On to tonight's comments!

From citylights:
Much has been said about the twin terrors, Liz and Dick Cheney.  But caul's comment eloquently points out the underlying foundation of their hatefulness.
From Chrislove:
When Dahankster fretted over whether or not gay spouses will be issued to heterosexuals when marriage equality becomes the law of the land, commonmass spelled out the rules.
From BeninSC:
This comment by ShoshannaD satirically describes the hazards of allowing grandparents to play a role in raising children!
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