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Leaves on the Current's quilt, pin basted for quilting.  The block pattern is "Vermont Maple Leaf".

Clytemnestra has been suffering from frightening abdominal pain and heavy bleeding.  She has invasive medical procedures in her future to investigate the cause and to stem the bleeding (which you can read about in the linked diary).  The situation is very concerning because Clytemnestra is a DES daughter.  DES daughters have higher risks for a number of problems, including cancer.  Right now, Clytemnestra suffers and waits and tries not to be anxious.

We are making her a community quilt so she can wrap herself up in our love and support any time she needs it.


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Backing for Leaves on the Current's quilt.  We will be using some of this for the top of commonmass' quilt, too.

A community quilt contains messages of love and support from you transcribed by me in archival ink on muslin.  My sister and I sew the messages into colorful quilts that radiate that love back without end.  Clytemnestra will be able to take all your support with her to appointments, rest under it at home, and wrap herself up in it anytime she's feeling alone.  This is one way we can be there for her -- and not just for now, for always.

Commonmass' quilt messages.  We will begin construction of his quilt top this week.  The centerpiece, drawn by his brother, has just been shipped.

It takes time and material to make one of these quilts.  If you would like to help with the cost of Clytemnestra's quilt, here is a PayPal link -- or message me for an address if you prefer a check.  $10/message is suggested -- but some give enough to cover for messages from friends who cannot afford to donate.  All messages are welcome.

Ebby's quilt, detail

These people have left messages for Clytemnestra so far:

1.    MsGrin
2.    broths
3.    One Pissed Off Liberal
4.    betson08
5.    Sara R
6.    Princesspat
7.    escapee
8.    Litho
9.    TheFatLadySings
10.    Ebby
11.    Mapamp
12.    BeadLady
13.    weck
14.    Nurse Kelley
15.    Deha
16.    eeff
17.    Louisiana 1976
18.    navajo
19.    jpmassar
20.    cfk in the Thumb of Michigan  
21.    Travn Texas
22.    joedemocrat
23.    Joanbrooker
24.    earicicle
25.    ridemybike
26.    roses
27.    radical simplicity
28.    Persiflage and Nannyboz
29.    WarrenS
30.    Youffraita

racheltracks' quilt, detail.  I really like this block.  It is called "Zig Zag Path"

If you would like some inspiration, here are a few of Clytemnestra's messages:

May you feel the love and healing energy of the community in the warmth of this quilt.  broths

Your Daily Kos community sends you love, light and magic. Hang in there, you are in our thoughts. Blessings to you, our dear friend.  betson08

May you walk in the sunshine of good health, and feel the warmth of our love.  Ebby

May your spirit soar, your heart beat strong, and your body find peace in this quilt of comfort.    BeadLady

When you wrap yourself in this quilt, you will feel the many arms that hold you when you need warmth.  When you sit with it and read the messages, may cool and soothing thoughts be yours.  Yours in sisterhood,  weck

My beautiful friend: I am keeping you close to my heart. Love, earicicle

These are the community quilts we have made to date:

1. othniel (cellulitis and ensuing complications, RIP)
2. exmearden (cancer of heart and lung, RIP)
3. MsSpentyouth (brain tumor)
4. Moe99 (lung cancer, RIP)
5. Michelle Caudle (ovarian cancer, RIP)
6. BFSkinner (lupus)
7. Kitsap River (long wait for kidney donor that ended 2/18/11)
8. Frederick Clarkson (blood clots)
9. Dreaming of Better Days (lymphoma)
10. one bite at a time (lost house and belongings to fire)
11. Timroff (cellulitis)
12. Sol Fed Joe (multiple cancers and health problems)
13. Brubs (AIDS, immune reconstitution syndrome)
14. rserven (gall bladder infection with dangerous complications)
15. grndrush (brain tumor, RIP)
16. ImpeachKingBushII (needs liver transplant)
17. andsarahtoo (lupus)
18. Frank Cocozzelli (muscular dystrophy)
19. luvsathoroughbred (breast cancer)
20. Predictor (stroke and HIV)
21. Austex54 (caretaker to othniel)
22. Theodore Olbermann, RIP
23. cskendrick (antibiotic resistant infection)
24. Keith Olbermann (caregiver to father)
25. Juan (cancer)
26. Ana (a young horse belonging to Juan, hit by truck)
27. MA Liberal’s mother (Alzheimer’s)
28. Charles CurtisStanley (caretaker to Kitsap River)
29. Lorikeet (cervical cancer)
30. Dr. Lori (metastatic cancer)
31. ulookarmless (cancer, heart condition, stroke, RIP)
32. riverlover (caregiver to husband suffering from liver failure, now widowed)
33. Melody Townsel (caregiver to dying father, now deceased)
34. dadanation (AIDS)
35. Dr. William F. Harrison (leukemia, RIP)
36. Larry Bailey (sudden loss of partner to heart attack)
37. ramara (adopted son with fetal alcohol syndrome)
38. Noor B (herniated disk from car accident)
39. Louisiana 1976 (fibromyalgia, severe arthritis, depression)
40. stumpy (MS, stroke, RIP)
41. bleeding heart's niece (cancer, RIP)
42. escapee (failure of corneal surgery)
43. SarahLee (lymphoma, Lyme Disease)
44. Bustergirl (ovarian cancer)
45. mimi's niece (cancer, RIP)
46. ZenTrainer (breast cancer)
47. Miss Blue (severe injury to shoulder, anxiety over coverage for surgery)
48. Granny Doc (bladder cancer, RIP)
49. mango (heart attack)
50. nudger (ovarian cancer, RIP)
51. DaNang65 (heart condition)
52. Lt. Choi (exhaustion)
53. Nurse Kelley (spinal stenosis)
54. Ben Masel (lung cancer, RIP)
55. Otterary Scribe (caregiver, grieving grandfather, grieving widower)
56. Aji (autoimmune diseases incl. fibromyalgia, inflammatory arthritis, & Chronic Epstein-Barr Virus Syndrome)
57. JaxDem (suddenly widowed)
58. DavidW (AIDS and other undiagnosed illness)
59. Jester the Marine (facing amputation of leg)
60. peregrine kate (endometrial cancer)
61. mimi (grief due to family illnesses)
62. alliedoc (endometrial cancer, RIP)
63. labwitchy (diffuse scleroderma)
64. Daily Kos (celebrating community)
65. belinda ridgewood (sudden loss of her mother)
66. princesspat (blood clots, deep vein thrombosis)
67. Scott Olsen (severe head injury)
68. SensibleShoes (caring for sister with brain cancer)
69. Joanna (cancer)
70. cany (grieving caretaker of mother with dementia)
71. Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse (breast cancer)
72. Scottie Thomaston (intense chronic pain from spine, kidney stones)
73. paradise50 (throat cancer)
74. woodtick (caregiver to mother with Alzheimer's)
75. BeninSC (mulitple fractures from bicycle accident)
76. Adrian (colon cancer)
77. Smoh (breast cancer, stroke, depression)
78. slksfca (sudden onset of arthritis requiring hip replacement)
79. arizonablue (grief and exhaustion)
80. Lorikeet (grieving widow - this quilt was a gift from the Rescue Rangers)
81. remembrance (breast cancer) and Glen the Plumber (her caregiver)
82. MassHarry (colon cancer)
83. Regina in a Sears Kit House (severe immune problems from Lyme Disease)
84. nannyboz (grief for father, crippling back pain requiring surgery)
85. raina (grief)
86. earicicle (breast cancer)
87. AntKat (cancers of the throat, RIP)
88. Alma (breast cancer)
89. DarkHawk98 (lung cancer)
90. llbear (brittle diabetic)
91. michelewin (grief and trauma)
92. Dave in Northridge (grieving widower)
93. racheltracks (complications from knee surgery)
94. Ebby (grief and stress)

See also these two thank you posts from multiple quilt recipients:

KosAbility: A Virtual Quilt for Sara and Ann, from Community Quilt recipients

We Have Something to Say to YOU, Sara R and winglion!

If racheltracks' blocks had been sewn together by themselves, they would have looked something like this.

These quilts are planned:

UnaSpensor (Lyme disease)
MA Liberal (caretaker to her mother who has dementia)
paradox (cyclical vomiting syndrome, PTSD, depression)
Ellinorianne (rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia)
MsGrin (life long heart problems requiring multiple surgeries)
LorelieHI (PTSD, reversals of fortune, depression)
Oke (severe respiratory infection)

 photo IMG_1879.jpg
Goldie inspects Adrian's quilt


 photo IMG_1990.jpg
Boots says, "Thank you for supporting community quilts!"


Extended (Optional)

Originally posted to Sara R on Tue Mar 26, 2013 at 05:02 PM PDT.

Also republished by Community Quilt Project, DKOMA, Street Prophets , Monday Night Cancer Club, and PWB Peeps.

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