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Well, no pics of the Red Line.  That requires more of a set up. But yes, the LA Kossacks had yet another meetup downtown (our THIRD). We're developing a core group and welcoming new people, the way groups like this usually do, and this was just as much fun for everyone involved as the previous two had been. Casey's was its usual accommodating self, and we're realizing that their kitchen is talented. No food porn today, but here we are at the table.

Clockwise: susans, Shockwave, Dave in Northridge, SanFernandoValleyMom, jakedog42, gay CA democrat, 714day,jeremybloom, otoelbc. I think ducktape is hidden behind gay CA democrat.

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I'm going to start with my own journey to Casey's from North Hollywood. SanFernandoValleyMom picked me up, we parked at the Red Line station, she got herself a TAP card (they are refillable), we JUST got on a train before the doors closed, and off we went. Between Westlake/MacArthur and 7th/Metro, 714day, who had been in the same car, introduced herself to us, and off to Casey's we went. We found ducktape and Gay CA Democrat waiting for us (no, I didn't think to take pictures of them outside), and we went in to find our table waiting. We were joined by susans and otoeblc and jakedog42 and Shockwave and his guest jeremy bloom.

We discussed lots of things. I think most significantly, 714day had been to one of the Yearly Kos meetings in Las Vegas, and she explained in wonderfully effusive detail why we all need to go to NN13. So far as I know, five of us there (Shockwave, susans, otoelbc, jakedog42 and me) are registered, and we'll work on everyone else next month. Some new people, some old friends, and by the end of the event we were ALL old friends.





ducktape, Gay CA Democrat, 714day

jeremybloom, SanFernandoValleyMom, otoelbc, susans, Gay CA Democrat, 714day, ducktape, Shockwave

Next time I'll also clean the lens. This is a dusty apartment, and the camera doesn't have a case, and no, I'm not the kind of person who thinks about things like that. SanFernandoValleyMom has agreed to be our photographer from now on, thank goodness!

And about next time: Saturday, April 20 at Casey's, 2 PM, with a guest speaker. As you all know (well, probably if you live in Los Angeles, probably not otherwise), we have a mayoral runoff between Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel next month, and it's confusing. Shockwave has arranged for our own front-pager dante atkins to talk to us about the election. It should be interesting, enlightening, and fun!

Saturday, April 20, Casey's Irish Bar downtown, 2 PM:

1. Dave in Northridge
2. Shockwave
3. jakedog42
4. SanFernandoValleyMom
5. Gay CA Democrat
6. susans
7. 714day
8. otoelbc
9. jared the bass player

1. ducktape

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