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So Two Priests Want To Get Married... could be next BIG Supreme Court head scratcher.

Now you might say to yourself, "Self, the Roman Catholic church does not allow it's priests to get hitched, period".  Yep, but you see that is the Church's law, not man's.   No, Pope Francis would not allow two of his shepherds to flock up, but they could certainly just walk into any convenient Justice O' Peace (or cruise ship Captain if "Love Boat" is to be believed) and said "I do".    But, I want to ask the Supremes if this is constitutional.   If God says it's not cool, what is up with the USA government undermining that wish.

But hey you say: "Depends what states they's in cause they're gay!"

No, they are not gay silly!   No, I just want to ask the Supreme Court IF a manly guy priest wants to marry a feminine gal priest is that constitutional.   Seriously.  Don't mock me ... I AM SERIOUS!

Oh, but now you get all up in my face with your fingers and say,  "UH UHHHH, no way booger.   She can't be a priestess.  GOD SAYS."  

Point taken.   But don't USA laws say that no one can be  barred from a job that they are qualified for due to gender or race?   What if she were black (I don't know, honest)?  Surely the DOJ would be sending feds into the temples if men were barred from the robes.   BUT THAT'S TRADITION... GOD SAID... again :(

You see, in this Land of the Free and home o' religious liberty, churches get a free pass to ignore labor laws and evade taxes while they have the liberty to condemn those who question their dogma.   Heck, I'm a Catholic m'self, but they think I'm going to Hell.   My Cafeteria Catholocism (not officially recognized but the most popular sect of Catholics here in the USA) says that regardless of what Il Papa says in the Vatican my wife can use contraception and teh gays can get hitched.   My guess is a lot of Baptists feel the same way but since their holy men also get to preach politics they have taken a very influential hold on one of our two political Parties (guess which one for extra credit).   I'll let my Neandrethal touchstone, Eric Erickson make the point better than I can:

For years, liberals have peddled a emo weepy Jesus who loves everyone and tolerates everyone and everything. They ignore that the tolerance of Christ only goes so far.
Someone wrote that.   Someone said that my "turn the other cheek" Jesus is a weepy emo... I grew up thinking no one in public discourse would ever talk this way.   Erickson isn't on the fringe, he represents the footsoldier, the primary Primary voters.   Don't believer that?   Remember Rick Santorum leading the GOP polls?   Remember Michelle Bachman day in the sun?   Remember Herman Cain?   Heck, Erickson is hardly the fringe, the fringe is far scarier and many haunt Capitol Hill.   Many state legislatures are indeed controlled by trolls worse than Erickson.   The world is upside down.  

Here in America man's law used to trump Sharia Law no matter what biblical interpreters said.   40-50 years ago, back in the "Good Ole' Days" that GOPers pine so much for, no sane national politician would mix religion into policy talk outside of Southern fundraisers.   A quadannual visit from Billy Graham took care of the pander and it was off to arguing about grown up stuff.   Now Republicans have given the keys to the Cadillac to their pet constituency.

Yep, in my perfect "weepy emo" world the Supremes would rule on the wacko-birds (John's words not mine).   Tell that that girl she can indeed be a priest.   She can indeed get married ... to another girl if she wants.   And their church can pay Caesar taxes on all of their profits just like any other entertainment business.

I can see Antonin Scalia having a petite mal on the floor thinking about it.


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