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Senior fellow of the Family Research Council, Robert Morrison, has penned a screed about NOM's March for Marriage that took place at the Supreme Court on Tuesday. It is your usual hyperbolic rant about the evil gays wanting to get married, overinflated crowd estimates and "end of America" drivel that makes this outfit tick. What sets this one apart is his vile use of the murder of Matthew Shepard.

I’ve been going to pro-life marches since 1981, so I’m getting used to the drill. Still, this week’s March for Marriage in Washington, D.C. promised to be different in many ways. It was slated to coincide with the U.S.Supreme Court’s oral arguments on the Defense of Marriage Act and on California’s Proposition 8. The media says Prop 8 was designed to “ban” homosexuals from marrying. It was designed for no such thing. As was the federal Defense of Marriage Act, Prop 8 was designed to protect an institution that is under attack.

I saw many old friends from the March for Life. But I saw so many new friends. It was amazing to see how many black, Hispanic, and Asian folks had come out for this one.

When we see dozens of Democrats abandoning their previously held positions and a few Republicans also willing to betray the voters who put them in office, it would be easy to become cynical about everyone in politics. But we have to stand firm and push back. Marriage is a blessing to families. Three-quarters of the teen rapists in our prisons are fatherless young men, so are two-thirds of the teen murderers. Even gay martyr Matthew Shepherd [sic] was killed by two fatherless young men. Marriage bashes no one. Marriage benefits everyone.

Before I get to the meat of my message to you Mr. Morrison, let me point out that in fact both Proposition 8 and DOMA were specifically designed to ban gay people from the institution of marriage. Having you say otherwise just to make yourself seem less of an intolerant ass is laughable. As laughable as your side's entire argument presented before the Supreme Court.

Oh, and bully for you that not everyone at your relatively pathetically attended rally wasn't lily white. I have a feeling the reason it was so amazing to see Blacks and Asian and Hispanics at your event is because you so rarely come into contact with a person of color to begin with. It is heartening that you at least like these individuals for sharing your bigotry.

Now let me set you straight, you warped and cruel bigot. Matthew Shepard (at least spell his name right) is no one's martyr. He did not give up his life voluntarily for the good of obtaining equal rights. He did not refuse to denounce teh gay to spare his life. He was brutally murdered by two men in a shockingly violent crime simply because he was gay. He was a victim of hate, not a martyr for a cause. The fact that you don't even understand what a martyr is tells me you aren't much of a Christian. The fact that you would use Matthew Shepard's murder to further your own agenda tells me you aren't much of a human being.

There was absolutely no reason for you to invoke the murder of Matthew Shepard except to be as contemptible towards gay people as possible. Using his death was simply a vehicle for you to poke your hateful finger in my community's eye. There is no love the sinner hate the sin for you. At least you don't use that hypocritical trope to try to cover yourself. In using the death of this young man, you make it clear that you are proud of your hate and will say or do anything to wield it against us. You aren't fit to even speak Matthew Shepard's name.

Via Right Wing Watch


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