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As an old and long-time member (10 years), I respectfully request that everybody knock off the anti-Catholic posts from tomorrow through Sunday.

Tomorrow is Good Friday, the day of the execution of Jesus Christ by the Romans.  Sunday is Easter, the day of resurrection, in Christian belief.

I've been here a very long time, and I think the anti-Catholic tone has gotten steadily worse, and the admins never make an effort to control it, as they do for any other kind of bigotry.  I'll bet there has been an anti-Catholic rec list diary every Sunday for the last five years at least, and it's getting worse, steadily much worse.  There is one member who has gathered quite a following doing that.

The Catholic Church has very much to be ashamed about.  But it really is a force for good.  The new pope seems to be a really amazingly good man.

Since the purpose of this site is to elect Democrats, not to advance special interests, and since Catholics are one-quarter of the American electorate, who usually vote for the Democrats, I quietly suggest again that it would be wise for the people here to self-regulate a bit when it comes to bashing Catholics and the Catholic Church.

I've been so disgusted and alarmed by some of the Catholic bashing over the last six months that I've considered leaving forever.  But I have built up relationships with many people here over the years, and there is so much good and interesting writing here, that I hate that thought.

I hope that even the people who feel most wounded by the church will give this plea a moment of respectful consideration.

In my last diary I was aggressively attacked as a homophobe and worse!  That's just so far from the truth it makes my hair stand on edge.

Finally, when I publish this objection, as I have done quite a few times, there are always people who come along and claim they never see any Catholic bashing.  Maybe they really didn't notice it.  They just don't click on Catholic-related diaries.  I wish they wouldn't deny the testimony of me and many other Catholics here (who are out-numbered and intimidated) that it really is a problem.

Today is Holy Thursday [my first draft incorrectly said "Good Thursday"], the feast day of the family.  It would be awful if anybody HR's me for expressing these mild and sincere thoughts.  But I wouldn't be surprised to see that happen.

I would sure like to find a peaceful equilibrium on this.  I keep declaring privately I'm going to leave, but my wife keeps saying I need to stay for my friends.  On balance, I think she's right.

P.S. If you didn't notice, this is NOT a GBCW or a TTFN or anything like that!


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Originally posted to Timaeus on Thu Mar 28, 2013 at 05:31 PM PDT.

Also republished by Street Prophets .

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