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Rush Limbaugh has been working really hard to lower his own bar this week when discussing the gay marriage debate.  

So far the right wing talk radio homophobe has compared gay marriage to marrying his couch, associated it with bestiality, and even linked it with pedophilia.  

Today, for good measure, Limbaugh threw in an anal rape joke.  Speaking about Republican desire to move on to other issues, Limbaugh said the GOP wants to "put gays behind us" before adding, "is that really where you want them?"


                                             (comments at 2:30)

Since you brought it up, Rush, let's go ahead and unpack that question.

You're saying that if a gay man was standing behind you, he might be seized with an uncontrollable desire to have anal sex with you against your will.

This is the kingmaker of the GOP.  

This is the man whose bags were carried by President George HW Bush when he was a guest at the White House in 1992.  

This man earned an apology from RNC Chairman Michael Steele after Steele called him "incendiary" (Limbaugh had suggested Steele should kill himself for doing such a shitty job).  

Then presidential candidate Rick Santorum referred to a visit to Limbaugh's hometown as like "visiting Mecca."

A bust of this man now stands in the Missouri Capitol alongside those of Harry Truman and George Washington Carver, as if he were a proud part of Missouri history rather than just a skidmark on its undies.

And his contribution to the debate over the Supreme Court determining the future of marriage in the United States is anal rape jokes.

If the GOP is serious about turning over a new leaf, they need to run away from this guy as fast as they can.

Interested in helping to hold Rush Limbaugh accountable?  Find out how after the break.


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Decent folks who believe in tolerance and equality are no longer powerless against Limbaugh's efforts to spread intolerance on the radio.  StopRush is making a major impact--and with your help we can do even more.  Just a few emails, tweets, or Facebook messages a week to Limbaugh's advertisers can go a long way toward deflating his gas bag.  It is our collective voice that makes us strong.  

Want to do something hold Limbaugh accountable?  
Join StopRush!  We can use your help in the following ways:

Join:  The Flush Rush Facebook community
Visit:  The StopRush sponsor database
Tweet:  #stoprush Twitter campaign
Fact Check:  Limbaugh Lie Debunking Site

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