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The links are apparently overwhelmed
The comments have been disabled, essentially.

It is essential for a demographic with an average yearly income of $11,000 to have subsidized health care cover our medical costs. Please make a comment supporting the correction of this institutionalization of Transphobia.

CMS opens this reconsideration of the NCD on Surgical Treatment for Gender Identity Disorder. Section 140.3 of the NCD Manual. The initial 30-day public comment period begins with this posting date, and ends after 30 calendar days. CMS considers all public comments, and is particularly interested in clinical studies and other scientific information relevant to the topic under review.

Surgical Treatment for Gender Identity Disorder (formerly referred to as transsexual surgery in 140.3) is currently noncovered under the Medicare Part A and Part B programs. The existing policy, which became effective in 1981, states that transsexual surgery is considered experimental.

Please note that we are making an administrative change to the NCD title under this reconsideration to reflect current medical terminology. The new title for Section 140.3 will be Surgical Treatment for Gender Identity Disorder.


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Important Dates
Formal Request Accepted and Review Initiated:  03/28/2013
Expected NCA Completion Date:  12/27/2013
Public Comment Period:  03/28/2013 - 04/27/2013
Proposed Decision Memo Due Date:  09/28/2013
Public comments page. Please note some comments are less than civil.

Here is a comment that covers the bases:

I believe that Medicare should cover costs related to gender reassignment including therapy, hormone treatment and surgery (breast and genital as needed). I believe that these are necessary, not elective surgeries. Top surgery is often essential in order for a person to "pass" in their preferred gender. For example, it is extremely difficult for a man to live with breasts--especially large breasts. Currently those who were born male can have breast growth removed and the cost will be covered--but the same surgery on a trans man will not be. This is discrimination. Meanwhile, genital surgery is essential for a trans person to live a healthy life and truly pass in their gender. Sex and relationships are critical elements of physical/mental health, yet without surgery many trans people can not have sexual relationships. Also, not making genital surgery an affordable option, forces thousands of trans women into sex work (to fund surgery) or dangerous encounters that can lead to death if a sexual partner discovers they still have male anatomy. Please change your policies so they are no longer discriminatory or condemn trans people to less fulfilling lives or even violence and death.

Sat Mar 30, 2013 at  5:47 AM PT: Apparently the links are bad. And when I search for specific text at the site like "Section 140.3 will be Surgical Treatment for Gender Identity Disorder." or even "Section 140.3" I'm not seeing any results come back at the CMS site. I'm googling and hoping to find the links.

Sat Mar 30, 2013 at  5:55 AM PT: Even the links from the Advocate are down. We will try to keep reposting as soon as the links return.

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