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This is perhaps the final diary about this coming Saturday's Colorado COmmunity Meetup at my house.  It will be April 6th, starting at 2PM.  We have some VIP's expected, some flowers and I'm looking forward to some fabulous food and conversations.  Please join me for the party and over the flip, I'll provide some details.


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This gathering is the second at our place inside the boundary of the city of Denver.  We had a very nice gathering last Fall and I decided to try and schedule this one to show off spring flowers.  Well, Mother Nature has had her say, and while we may have a burst of nice weather towards the end of this week, I'm thinking we're still a couple of weeks from the height of some of the blooms.

First, some details of the party:

Mrs. Colotim and I will be providing a ham glazed with peach preserves from last year's crop as well as a pasta salad.  We'll see what else we might pitch in as we see what might be contributed by our guests.  I will have a grill available for burgers/brats/veggies.  So far, we've not received many specific commitments - Frankenoid has volunteered ice cream, Leftcandid has volunteered beer, Badkitties has volunteered Sangria, comoonbeam has offered a potato salad.  There have been offers made of "whatever you'd like" and now I'd like to ask for more of everything - drinks, main dishes, sides, desserts (can't have too many of those), etc.  Please let me know in a Kosmail or on this diary if you're able to bring something for consumption.

I'll send all the people who've responded below on the list or in the diary a personal Kosmail with directions.  If anyone wants to volunteer a ride, let me know what area you're coming from any any details (you'll be leaving at 5, for example) and I'll try and pair you up if someone needs a ride.  I will have the NCAA March Madness games on for people to stay informed of important news as it's happening.

We have two woozles and one pootie.  The woozles have hair, so they're not likely to be a problem to those who are allergic.  The cat is a short hair, so that helps but the house isn't perfectly dander free.

The list of attendees stands at:

Politicians (come ask them about current legislation going on):
State Senator Dr. Irene Aguilar (Yes)
State Representative Jeanne Labuda (Maybe for a short visit)

Mr. and Mrs. Colotim
Frankenoid and Mister
Ginny in CO
Colorado is the Shiznit
blind cynic

blue aardvark

Here is how my large flower bed looked this past weekend.  

Looking South:


Looking North:


Lots of crocus, finally, and a number of daffodillies and even a few "Glory of the Snow".  Here are straight-on pictures of some of the early hyacinths:



I had hoped for some of the trees to be blooming, especially the pears, but the buds are swelling and I don't know if they'll be open in time for the party.  Last year, on 3/21, I had comparable blooms and one week later, I had a number of tulips blooming as well.  You can see, they're more than two weeks behind this year.  Then again, last year we had no precipitation in March and this year we had multiple feet of snow over the course of several snows.  I'm sure that pushed back the arrival of the blooms, but I really wanted to have flowers all over.  Oh well.  People will just have to come back.

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Originally posted to ColoTim on Tue Apr 02, 2013 at 07:30 AM PDT.

Also republished by Colorado COmmunity.


My favorite spring flower is:

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