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Due to other duties that have kept me away, I haven't been here much lately and have only been commenting on stuff rather sporadically, so I don't know if this video has made the rounds here yet.  It's in excess of 8 minutes but you won't need to watch but a few seconds to be utterly revolted by what you see.  With that warning, here it is:

As hateful and disturbing as the words this misguided child is saying are, it's not the message that I'm writing about here today.  Nor is it an examination of the christofascists putting their children up to this know full well that no one's going to call the little kid on his BS or, better still, they'll be able to get footage of an adult berating the kid to show how evil progressives are.

No, I'm interested in how much the kid knows and where he's learning it.  Follow me below the squiggle for a little discussion.


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This kid talks about fornication, sodomy and sexual activity between 2 men or 2 women.  Where did he learn about all of this?  From his parents, naturally.  His parents who are all up in arms about "homosexuality being taught in our schools" and who are fighting tooth and nail to keep marriage between one man and one woman so that their little moppet won't have to be exposed to another kid with 2 daddies or mommies.

In other words, the children of these "Christians" probably know considerably more about butt sex and other forms of sexual activity than their counterparts who are being raised in much more mainstream homes.

I was raised in a fairly permissive time (the 60s and 70s) but even I didn't have a grasp on homosexuality and what it was until my own sexual awakening as a teenager.  Before that, based on the description by my friend Mike Feldman of homosexuality being 2 men living together, I assumed that homosexuality was something like "The Odd Couple."  Butt sex and blow jobs?  Not EVEN in my lexicon.

I don't think I can say the same for these Christian kids and I find it disturbing.  Disturbing because their parents are bald-faced hypocrites in schooling their children about all the things they're accusing the public schools of teaching them; and even more disturbing because these kids aren't really getting any kind of childhood as they're being thrust into the public square to parrot their parents' hateful bigotry.

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