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In my opinion there is a lot of information missing regarding the constant beating of the war drums by North Korea. Therefore I am solicitating  the DKOS folks for any factual information that may shed further light on the dangerous unrest going on in North Korea. The Main Stream Media (MSM) has been completely useless in this regard. The information that I have been able to garner is presented after the orange squiggle below.


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What makes the current situation so dangerous is that three of the most important people integral to the current situation on the Korean peninsula are all new in their respective positions. Starting with the "Great Successor" himself, the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un who assumed power in December 2011. Next is the President of South Korea, Park Guen-hye was just sworn into office on the 25th of February 2013, and she is South Korea's first woman President. Next is the General Secretary of the Peoples Republic of China (PRC), Xi Jinping who took office in 2012. A quick glance at the dates that these people came into their respective positions of power will make it clear that none could be classified as seasoned operatives.

At this juncture it appears that urgent communication must be established among all three parties if the possibility of an outbreak of accidental warfare is to be avoided; especially in the area of the DMZ -  which currently no longer exists since Kim Jong-un declared that the provisions of the 1953 Armistice which ended the hostilities of the Korean war will no longer be recognized by the North.

Here is where I need a little help. Somewhere in my foggy memory I recall that the previous General Secretary of the PRC, Mr. Hu Jintao invited Kim Jong ll, Kim Jong-un's father, to China for a conference. It was reported that Kim Jung ll made the trip round trip to China by train. Subsequent to the event that  I just referenced Kim Jong ll was on another train trip in December 2011 when he suffered his fatal heart attack.

Regardless of the paucity of information regarding the conference between Kim Jong ll and Hu Jintao, I think that it is time for young Mr. Kim Jong-un to take a train ride to China for a critical conference with Mr, Xi Jinping. Such a conference would be in everyone's interest, as the current condition of the entire regional Asian commercial engine would be severely damaged by any serious armed conflict in Korea, and I think the only one that can make the case to Kim Jung-un is the Chinese General Secretary.

One additional person with a huge interest in the current Korean situation is our new Secretary of State, John Kerry, who coincidently is also very new on the job. However, I personally think that this situation is so critical that President Obama must use his personal contact with Xi Jinping to expedite setting up a conference between China and North Korea so as to resolve tensions straight away.  

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