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Rep. Steve Lynch English: U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts' ninth district joins Lt. Gen. Joseph Dunford, the commanding general of I Marine Expeditionary Force in proclaiming Boston the site of the second annual Marine Week May 3-9, 2010.
No word yet whether he's procured a pick-up truck.
Rep. Steve Lynch is trying to position himself in his upcoming primary election in Massachusetts against Rep. Ed Markey as the Scott Brown of this race, whining about how he's on his own and has been spurned by his party establishment. The Boston Herald is only too happy to help him do that, particularly since he's willing to take a gratuitous swipe or two at Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
Lynch, in a Herald interview, accused party bigwigs in Washington of going so far as to sabotage his fundraising to make sure his rival and fellow congressman Edward J. Markey is the Democratic nominee.
“No, they haven’t been fair,” Lynch said. “They’ve basically said, ‘Markey’s our guy, don’t give to Lynch.’ ”

If Lynch’s strategy of running against party leaders sounds familiar, it’s because Brown used a similar tactic in his 2010 special election race, turning a fundraising brush-off from national Republicans to his advantage. [...]

The South Boston Democrat and former ironworker even got in a little dig at the woman who defeated Brown — U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren — telling the Herald that he would be the only U.S. senator who has “had to work for a living.”

Asked about Warren, a fellow Democrat, Lynch responded: “Well, Harvard professor. That’s work.”

Goal ThermometerThat's Lynch's true colors coming out. He's desperate. The primary is 26 days away and the latest polling has Rep. Ed Markey leading by 17 points. Lynch's biggest hope is to try to get independent Massachusetts voters to turn out for him. The primary is closed, but unaffiliated voters can choose which party primary to vote in.

He sure isn't going to make any inroads with Democrats by running to the Herald in order to take swipes at his would-be colleague, Elizabeth Warren. He should learn from Brown's mistakes: nasty jabs at the very popular Warren might make the Herald gleeful, but it's not the way to win this race.

Let Lynch know his antics aren't appreciated with a $3 donation to Ed Markey.


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Originally posted to Joan McCarter on Thu Apr 04, 2013 at 08:00 AM PDT.

Also republished by Massachusetts Kosmopolitans and Daily Kos.

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