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This is a very short diary, based on a Facebook post by Occupy the NRA. Senator Jeff Flake (R-Bang Bang) loves him some NRA. He wallows in an "A" rating from the group. The other day, he called the background check proposal currently wending its way through Congress "a bridge too far for most of us." Think of all that pesky paperwork, he said. (Granted, Senator Kaboom did indicate that he was "troubled" by the idea of sending militia slobs to schools in armed platoons to protect the kiddies, though he couched his worries in anti-Washington rhetoric.)

More over the big orange transom.


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Apparently while Flake may or may not need large, hot-barreled assault rifles to get his motor running, if you know what I mean, the idea of actually coming face-to-face with constituents who are exercising the gun rights he so enthusiastically endorses makes him kinda queasy. From Occupy the NRA:

A friend meeting Jeff Flake's people sent me this from Phoenix:
After I walked away from Flake's office today, I was struck by the irony. Senator Flake feels so threatened by gun violence that he has installed a key pad, an anteroom and bulletproof glass. Apparently, he feels the need to take expensive measures to protect himself and his staff. When is he similarly going to protect the rest of us?
Ah, The Big Fear. I certainly can't blame him for wanting to take precautions, though almost all of the heavily armed, heavily slobbering gun loons out there are on his side of the political fence, so he presumably won't be the first on anyone's list of politicians to go all Gavrilo Princip on -- after all, it was Democrats like Gabrielle Giffords who had Sarah Palin's gunsights painted on them, not Flake.

I'm just musing on the disconnect between Flake's high-decibel desire to expand and deregulate gun ownership, and the fear of actually coming into contact with people exercising those ownership prerogatives.

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Originally posted to Max's Home for Inconvenient Facts and Impertinent Opinions on Sat Apr 06, 2013 at 10:41 AM PDT.

Also republished by Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA) and Shut Down the NRA.


Gee, Jeff, maybe you should get yourself a big honking gun and sit in your office with the sights trained on the door. Think he would feel safe then?

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