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Lent  Projects
It was fun to make things for myself.  Unfortunately, baseball practice has obliberated my beading time ;-) and cut into knitting time.

I only finished the cowl featured in my last diary.

I actually made negative progress on another lace cowl, as i ripped it out and started over.  First of all, the needles were too short for the stitches.  That may have been the only reason.  I had errors, and I could hardly push the stitches apart enough to see a couple stitches by themselves.  I need to make a pattern note.  143 lace stitches are awfully crowded on 16".  They seem very happy on 24".  

I did knit a few rows on the giant colorful shawl, but this project is kind of intimidating in its amount of knitting left to complete.  I will obviously have to get over that mental barrier quickly.  Four rows a day is always a handy mantra.  

I made an Easter goal to get to section 2 of the Solstice Shawl

I have knit 5 rows of the much more complicated section 3 and totally bombed out.  I ripped out half of the shawl using a lifeline.  I have re-knit 4+ of those 5 or 6? rows and it is going better.  I am learning to keep the lace pattern lined up by constantly referring to the chart.  And establishing the proper pattern early and getting a feel for it.  Making any needed corrections early.  And with those double yarn-overs, I cannot purl into two in a row, they get so twisty to knit into again.  So I purl one and knit the second, even when the designer doesn't say so.  But she says so on other rows, so I think it's okay.  I am really really tired of purl 3 through the back loop, I am so tired of it I don't even care about the purl 2 together through the back loop.  

Here is a sample of Section 3.  I have to count every 5-8 stitches, or every repeat.  I had a knitting teacher last summer who said "Stop making mistakes! Don't make mistakes".  Well, I make mistakes.  Frequent and obsessive counting and pattern comparison helps me find them when they are easiest to fix.  I seem to forget the yarnover after a complicated stitch, or I drop that yarnover when preparing for the next complicated stitch.  By complicated stitch I mean purl 2 or 3 through the back loop.  

These are the 5 rows on the half of the shawl I did not rip out.  

Here is an out of focus closeup of where I started re-knitting, with the yarn for the ripped out rows waiting in giant loops for me to pick it up again.  


Oh, I am playing with fabric for my Veterans quilt for NN13.  And I have made some progress on my legwarmers, I am probably at the halfway point of the first one, or a bit more.  I am ready to pick up the lace cowl I abandoned when I moved it to different needles.  It needed a short time-out.  ;-)  

I think they will be very warm, with the Lamb's Pride w/ the mohair, and knitting the worsted on size 6 dpns.  If this spring doesn't warm up, I may yet finish one while it is still cold enough to wear (first on one leg, then on the other ;-)  )

Link of the Week:
 The top 25 best free knitting patterns
To this, I would like to add from my recent projects,
Twist Your Neckwarmer h/t kirbybruno
Spiral Rib Legwarmers, pictures above in progress
Wavy Feathers Wimple, & more pdf's available here.  

On free patterns:  Sometimes you get what you pay for.  Or you get for what you pay.  Anyway, at Ravelry.com there are currently over 68,000 free patterns.  Some of them are from well-known designers or yarn companies and they are tested.  Some of them are the lunatic scratchings of a crazy person.  At Ravelry, you can look at a pattern, and see who else has made it in their projects.  And see their project notes.  It becomes evident quickly via the notes if it was a lunatic scratching.  And you can send a friend request to me, I am JenniferQKW there.  

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