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Map of Congressional Districts colored by 2012 Presidential Result
2012 Presidential Results by Congressional District
Daily Kos Elections is pleased to announce the preliminary completion of our project to calculate presidential results from the 2012 election for all 435 congressional districts nationwide.

All of the results are available on this page. More detailed calculations—showing county- and town-level calculations and vote totals—for almost all states are available on this page.

Nassau County NY, the county that made it most difficult to access their election results, may have finally coughed up its results (you can download what they sent us here for 2010 and here for 2012), but this project isn't over just yet! Consistent with our goal of unprecedented transparency, we'll be working on the following over the next several weeks and months:

• All results will be re-verified against finalized results from states and counties. This process was already performed once, but in the months since the certification of results across the various states, many have amended their "final" totals.

• All of our data sources will be compiled and uploaded. We'd started this process on this page, which will be continually updated as more results are re-verified. This should allow for our results to be subject to scrutiny by you, the users, and ultimately, replicated.

• Our methodology will be documented explicitly. For each state, we'll answer all of these questions and more: From where did which results come? How are precincts split across districts considered in our calculations? How are block-reported early votes allocated across districts?

• Results for other statewide races, such as senator, governor, and state attorney general, will be calculated and reported as well, where available. (Different states conducted different sets of races last year.)

The process of gathering election results necessary to complete this project was no easy task, and the innumerable efforts of data enthusiast John M. and Daily Kos Executive Assistant Faith Gardner—as well as the many Daily Kos Electioneers who sent us data and pointed out corrections—were critical to this process.

As always, many thanks to John, Faith, and everyone else that helped make this possible. We've reached a major milestone in this process, but certainly not the finish line by any means, so stay tuned for everything else we have in store.


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Originally posted to Daily Kos Elections on Tue Apr 09, 2013 at 12:30 PM PDT.

Also republished by Daily Kos.


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