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After a two-month long process of reading, scoring and discussing, we are thrilled to announce our 2013 agenda. And this year, we’ve expanded our offerings to include and additional 10 trainings and 10 panels.

Our final list of 80 panels includes some timely topics like the 2012 elections, the current immigration fight and climate change, plus we’ll highlight campaigns and issues from our host state of California. Our agenda is rich with stories of workers, students and activists working to fight for equality and a better, more just society. And this year we’re also including some topics not often touched on by the traditional media, including transgender issues, mass incarceration and drones.

Click here to peruse the full list of panels and trainings, then follow me over the fold.


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I want to give a special shout out to everyone who submitted proposals and everyone who helped us select them. We had 512 submissions this year, which gave us an amazing breadth of topics to consider.

We gathered a group of 148 experts from across the Netroots to help us select the strongest submissions. Collectively we spent about 37 hours during March and April on the phone discussing each one, and countless hours in between reading, preparing and debating the best ones. The submissions this year were by far the highest quality yet so it certainly wasn’t an easy task.

I just wanted to call out a few sessions I thought might be interesting to show some of the depth this year's agenda will have:

* Native Vote: Why Winning Indian Country Matters to You. Led by Prairie Rose Seminole of Native Vote.

* Carrying on Aaron Swartz's Legacy

* You Get Paid to Do This? Tips for Supporting Your Blog through Advertising and Fundraising. Led by Burnt Orange's Katherine Haenschen.

* By Progressives, For Progressives: Businesses as Movement Infrastructure. One of the people you'll hear from on this panel is Daily Kos' own Will Rockafellow talking about how Daily Kos contributes to this ecosystem.

* Never Too Early: Q&A on the 2014 Elections and Lessons from 2012. And of course we'll hear from our very own David Nir on elections.

* What Political Consultants Don't Want Donors to Know: How to Win Elections with Data-driven Field Operations. This will go into detail on the amazing effort CREDO SuperPAC fielded this last cycle.

* Firing Isn’t Just for Trump: How to Fight Workplace Discrimination. Marriage has been the big conversation in the LGBT community but many will start pushing on ENDA now too.

* Stories From the Front Lines: How a Grassroots Movement is Winning the War on Coal Exports.

There's LOTS more, and you can browse it all here.

You'll notice that not all the panelists are up on the site yet -- we're in the process of confirming panelists and will be updating speakers frequently over the next couple of weeks weeks. So check back frequently as we continue to update.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in San Jose, and don't forget to register!

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