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Yeah, I'm a bit posty today.  

I hate to be a nudge, but I really need to get the fuck out of here.  As soon as possible.

Details below the dooblydoo.


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So Col CatLady.  Drunk. Again. In my face, screaming at me.

Here's what happened.  I did go back to Social Security and got a different clerk and got my card ordered last week, so Dad decided I needed a Louisiana drivers license like I'm going to fucking stay here forever.  We went to the DMV and my license came up suspended, I was given information to contact Arizona and find out why.  

I got on the phone today and after 2 hours on hold and 3 different numbers, I was told I had fines from a ticket in 2008 that I went to court for that was DISMISSED.  So there were no fines, as it was dismissed.  However, the state insists that I am on the hook for $1870.60 despite the court appearance and dismissal.  (Driving someone elses car, got stopped, did not know where the insurance card was.  Went to court, showed proof of insurance, case dismissed.)  Now they claim that the car had expired tags as well - that is NOT what I got a ticket for - and it's not my car.  But that is what they want the money for.  Remember I got stopped twice in Texas on the way here - no one mentioned a suspension or gave me a ticket.

I duly reported this to Col CatLady and explained it was bullshit because I went to court, did not get a ticket for that - and it was dismissed. I also very clearly said, "I do not expect you to pay for this, because it's BULLSHIT." I was unsure what to do next, but I did not owe them any $1670.60 for a ticket that was dismissed.  He proceeded to block my car into the driveway and will not let me go anywhere.  Then he went and got some tallboys and began to drink like a fish.

Now that he's had a couple hours to marinate himself and Mum came home from work, he started in on his drunken you're a liar routine.  He works himself up for a couple hours with the beer until he has an audience - Mum - and begins to verbally attack and push into my face.  I went to my room.  He followed me, ranting and screaming, banging on the door, the dresser, whatever is in reach to emphasis how wrong and how much of a "liar" I am because I didn't know there was a hold on my license from 2008 on a ticket that was dismissed.  Because apparently HE never forgets anything, whether it's valid or happened or not.  And no matter how poor you are and you aren't driving (which I haven't been for years until the car was fixed in December) you should know about it and have paid it.  Despite not knowing about it.  And he also says there is no Border Patrol checkpoint in Texas, despite my driving through one and having my shit torn apart.  Drunken FOX logic.

I told him he was drunk and I didn't want to hear it.  My Mum tried to get him to leave me alone - he came back for round 2 and 3 and is currently drunk foot running* to get more beer.  So I expect this to go on all night until he passes out.  She makes excuses for him because it's easier than admitting she's married to a violent alcoholic.  Always has, always will.  * I thought it was his truck pulling out like his ass was on fire, it was NOT.  It was the next door neighbour.  Dad went running on foot. This was an error on my part only discovered when he returned and yelled at Mum for a while.

I have asked my Mum to cancel the TKD classes that begin tomorrow because I'm not allowed to drive by Col CatLady. (She paid for the classes) I have determined I need to call the court and get copies of the court paperwork showing what the ticket was and that it was dismissed, so I can get my license sorted out.

So. I've got $460 in my PayPal, I need between $800 and $900 to get home.  I need to go as soon as possible.  I can't live like this with a Teabagging Birther alcoholic gun nut with a rage problem.  He'll fucking shoot me eventually because I'm not a terrified 5 year old any more he can hit.

I NEED to get out of here.  NOW.  This is Louisiana, the cops will NOT help.

If there is any way you can help me get home, my PayPal email is mortifyd at teh gmailz.

On a slightly more positive note, spoke to a staffer from Sen Jeff Merkley's office today who is going to call SSA tomorrow morning and see what can be done about my SSDI case.

Thanks.  It's going to be a long night here in the swamp.

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