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Mitch McConnell is outraged. Not since Richard Nixon and Watergate has there been such a flagrant disregard for the law or the Constitution. In fact, compared to this assault on common decency, Gordon Liddy and the Watergate burglars were a bunch of bumbling amateurs. Well, actually, compared to Brownie Troop #41, Gordon Liddy and the Watergate burglars were a bunch of bumbling amateurs, but I digress.


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What has the chinless wonder from Kentucky so upset, you ask? Senator McConnell seems to believe that the left-wing, liberal elite stormed his campaign headquarters, secretly planted audio equipment and then gave the results of their recording to Mother Jones Magazine for public distribution. Naturally, he's calling for an FBI investigation into this blatant attack on freedom and democracy, not to mention the right to be a douchebag in the privacy of your own campaign office.

Because clearly from the content of the tapes, that's exactly what Mitch McConnell and his merry band of campaign strategists were caught being . . . douchebags. Salivating at the possibility of facing actress/activist Ashley Judd in his 2014 bid for re-election, McConnell and his crew began plotting their plan of attack to discredit her. Did they focus on her positions on issues important to the people of Kentucky, her somewhat iffy residency status in the state, or even the fact that she's never held public office? Not really. If McConnell ran against her based on just those criteria, there was still the remote possibility he could lose.

Instead, McConnell and his brain trust decided that if they had the good fortune to have Ms. Judd as their opponent, they would take the "whack-a-mole" approach and hit her over the head repeatedly with every negative personal issue they could conjure up. As you read the transcripts of what took place, you can practically hear them chortling over the fact that she considered suicide in the sixth grade and that she is, according to them, "emotionally unbalanced". One can only imagine how disappointed they must have been when she announced she wasn't going to run.

But probably not nearly as disappointed as when they learned that the ugliness of their strategy planning session was now front-page news. No matter what you think of Ashley Judd, this raw, unedited peek at nasty, smarmy Senator McConnell and his minions isn't good for a man whose likeablity/job approval numbers in his home state are already in negative territory.

Which is why he's trying to deflect the issue away from the contents of the tape to the fact that the tape was made surreptitiously. Clearly if he can distract reporters and the public by claiming he's an innocent victim of the radical left rather than the arrogant, misogynist, low-life he appears to be in the transcripts, it's better for his re-election chances. Now that the senator has called for the FBI to investigate, it shouldn't be long before he's demanding a special prosecutor.

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