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The entire City of Boston is in "shelter at home" mode - stay in your house -

UPDATED - from 3am to 9:30


  MBTA Shut down
               Amtrack suspended    
              Taxi Service suspended              

MIT CLASSES CANCELLED and now most colleges in the Boston area closed

Boston is basically paralyzed.


Local news sources are confirming that the incidents that began unfolding at the end of our local newscasts here in MA are related to the Boston Marathon Bombing suspects

So far one MIT police officer has been killed.

A transit officer injured in a shootout with suspects later - first few hours of a scanner update from an reddit source.

There was a carjacking near the Cambridge shootings

A police chase brought the scene into Watertown

Local reporters in Watertown were actually reporting they were hiding behind a car as police were yelling that they were blocked in - the reporter was reporting gunfire and an explosion.

A man was seen sprawled out on the ground. The press was pushed back away from the scene, and an ambulance left the scene.

Reporters were told to run, get out of the area.

Reports from the hospital were that a suspect who was brought to Beth Israel died.

Meanwhile more explosions and gunfire around Watertown, Swat trucks and police from all over MA, FBI, state police were racing around Watertown.

Following this on our NBC Boston affiliate WHDH

3:18: Pressure cooker - possibly bomb - confirmed at the scene.

3:30: reporters looking to confirm suspect is holed up in a house in Watertown.

I hope second suspect survives - I want to know "WHY!?"

Our own (Cape Cod) SWAT team is there

Phone calls from people living in watertown report being woken by gun shots and explosions, one reports seeing pressure cooker at a scene

Newton, Wellsley Cambridge Police, BU police all on the scene (s)

State police warning all Watertown residents to stay indoors, if someone comes to door or is trying to get in call 911 -

Eyewitness reports earlier seeing bombsquad robot in mercedes - in Watertown

watching and listening, confused why anyone would question this isn't the capture of our local terrorists

Police are saying the supsect at large is "white-hat"

husband getting up for work soon, why am I still awake?

If any concerns about someone at door, call 911 immediately. Repeat--Do not answer door, stay away from windows, keep doors locked.
— @MassStatePolice via Twitter for BlackBerry®

MA State police now saying they will be going door-to-door in Watertown
(they just told watertown residents not to answer their doors ...)

WHDH just played video with audio of shooting - some saying the suspects had auto weapons - did they get a background check when they purchased those guns?

4:05 Just confirmed that MIT officer was killed in his vehicle.
Suspects held carjacking victim for half hour - released him unharmed.

4:08 Suspect #2 - White hat- confirmed still at large

4:09 Swat team moving on possible location

4:13 now listening to scanner - calling for bomb squad to stand by

4:14 Suspect had tripped motion sensors in commercial building - appears to be surrounded by SWAT and hundreds of police - amazing that there is one cop running this

Press briefing col alvin state police

10:30 last evening a robbing tookplace at 7:11
Carjacking took place, police chased car into watertown - during the course of the pursuit explosive devices were thrown at police, gun fire exchanged. one suspect taking into custody (died) a transit police officer was shot and is in the hospital during that exchange- releasing a video of suspect #2 taken from the robbery last night.
That is who they are looking for-
Do not stop to pick up anyone in the area looking for a ride, stay in your homes.

EAST Watertown is the area of concern right now

Listening to scanner and TV - coffee -

4:35 Police reporting on scanner -all units take caution first suspect had an explosive device strapped to his chest, this second suspect might have device strapped to chest too.

4:38 Police are going through homes and basements and yards and buildings with dogs in the residential areas


4:45 reports of a person coming out of the water - police asking press not to give location - I just deleted it

4:46 possible undetonated device

4:47:  checking earlier report of person in bushes - back and forth - could be same area as person coming out of water

4:52 suspicious package reported at MIT near dorm - bomb squad headed to the area. MIT was location of the 711 robbed and where the cop was killed.

4:57 Pete Williams reports the suspects had foreign military training (?!)

5:00 BOLO - be advised first suspect had explosive devices strapped to chest - be advised, second suspect may have the same.

5:04- scanner is giving locations - being searched

5:05 local news is reporting again that the suspects have overseas military training.
Suspects came "moved here" a year ago. GEEZE.

5:06 - concern about bike path in the neighborhood people on their way to work along the path  - (scanner) CLOSE the bike path!

5:08 scanner - contacting homes by landlines ..
(good luck - there are some locals but much of the area is young 20-somethings - my daughter lived in the next town - very popular area for young people working in the city)

5:12 The two streets where the suspects were last located are cleared - need officers to post -

5:13 police questioning whether people can report to commercial buildings for work - large industrial park, can they go to work - verizon and other companies - response are they in the perimeter ? yes - keep them out for now.

5:15 waiting for something (can't make out what) from the FBI to search commercial building.


12:45- Beth Israel press conference presser - they were called by employees who live in Watertown  and heard gunfire and explosion - Doctor who lives in Watertown speaking - called the hospital to warn them of possibility of yet another catastrophic

5:25 -Elliot bridge- white male with dark clothing on bike path with a heavy backpack on a bike coming from Cambridge towards Boston (watertown area)

5:33 coffee - (really? I can't believe I'm still up)

5:34 no more word on dude with backpack on bike, probably just a guy making his way to work ....

5:35 Robot checking cars in the area - kind of cool, wake up, see a robot searching your car.

5:36 local coverage noting large gathering of personell around the portable police unit - wondering why, speculating. do they listen to scanner? That is the command post and all units not active to report to command post for assignments

BOSTON will be a standstill!


OK wait - the police are saying that they hear the press is reporting all MBTA service is suspended and they know nothing - they think it's just Watertown ...

Basically what we have here is a city, paralyzed with fear.
We have a person who shot a police officer who was in his cruiser - threw bombs at police - was involved in a shootout- his partner was killed, found with an explosive device strapped to his chest (police reporting this on scanner- haven't heard it on the news,) they are worried that this guy has bombs and is traveling they can't find him

MA Transit director giving a press conference-  telling everyone - no one to be at bus or train stations.

**Residents of Watertown, Cambridge, Newton, Belmont, Allson Brighton -Waltham, ** PLEASE STAY HOME - INSIDE.**


Reports that the MBTA office was ambushed while he was sitting in his cruiser.
Just awful.

6:02  Scanner report of white male, black jacket black backpack trying to flag down traffic for a ride ...

6:07 no word on guy flagging down traffic

6:08 People are coming out of homes in areas of Watertown, they had spent the night in basements - had been told to stay in basements away from windows - they are being escorted out of their houses ... interviewed a young man who said it was awful, woke up to gunfire and explosions told to get into basements ...So far all are young adults -

6:10 Man woman and baby coming out of house- SWAT team going in. Family scooting out of area - look like they just got out of bed ...

How will we all recover from this?

6:19 Suspect vehicle - don't use your cellphone -sending bomb squad

6:20 they seem to have one cop saying they have a suspect - imagine there will be a lot of that.

6:22 charles circle suspect - not much more on that

NBC is saying that the suspects carjacked a mercedes SUV  after they ambushed the MIT officer - drove around for a half hour and told the guy they were the bombers - then dropped him off.

Watching people being woken up - people coming out w/babies and young children barefeet - police knocked on their doors - yelling "police!"

6:35 NBC NEWS REPORTING Suspects were here - legally - for a year and are from Turkey -


6:40 scanner- "you just never know"

There will probably be a lot of these searches until the guy is caught - any light skinned male with a large nose and dark hair .... new take on stop and search ...

6:45 News is finally reporting what police scanner's been saying all night - the suspect that was killed had trama to his midsection - as though a bomb exploded - the police have been doing BOLO's warning that the first suspect had a bomb strapped to his chest and warning the second suspect might have a bomb strapped to him.

OK now they are not from Turkey - they lived there for a while, but they are Czechian
They are brothers-
Name for the deceased is not given
Nme for the brother who is terrorizing the city: Drhokr Tsarnaze - will be 20 on July 22nd.

Scanner:  Yelling
SWAT is called to an apartment complex - guns drawn -
scanner- be sure to idendify yourselves .... we don't want any crossfire

Nichols Ave

Waiting for transport - not for bomb turns out they were picking up a woman from the house who may be a girlfriend -see below.

Not much happening - reporting areas and  house cleared by SWAT

- 7:31 stopping a white truck with Russian lettering - Box truck.


33 years old, injured in shootout with suspect -
stable - 6 month old baby at home'
with the transit police for 3 years

Governor to join next press conference -

They may have been here since 2002/2003 - would have made the younger brother 10 the one still out there, 10


7:50 New information - older brother got out of truck and shot at all of the officers - doctors say there were too many gunshots to count. (death by cop)
Witnesses say the younger brother got into another car drove over his brother's body to get away from police - Doctors say it appears device detonated.

Found second car 1/4 mile away.

7:57  Press conf w/gov.

8:04: That was a short presser - important announcement - all of boston to "selter in place" stay at home - no public transportation.

8:07: addendum to press conference - Name of the injured transit officer is Richard Donahue he is in surgery at Mt. Auburn Hospital. 33 on the force for three years old, father of a 6 mo old baby.

8:20 ALL BOSTON TAXI service cancelled.

8:22 Alert (scanner) Caution suspect -could be wearing a suicide vest.

8:24 Women with head scarves - with baby -being detained by police- taken out of a house and put into vehicle, she was frisked and clearly upset about being touched.

8:30 neighbors tell local station both boys went to Cambridge r-latin school, very bright. Neighbors suprised, boys were fun, athletic.

8:36 cops on scanner yelling to take cover -

one officers emergency alarm is going off -

EOD team - needed -

cops on tv running with guns drawn, why are the press so close to this?

A door is open - concern too many cops here - leaving perimter in other areas open.
Dog is being sent in - warning - he may have a suicide vest.

8:43: Moved press out of the way police are waiting for SWAT - helicopter - SWAT and officers on the ground communicating.

8:46 residents - may still be in house - (need EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal)'

8:59 "he is posting online I will kill all of you like you killed my brother"

9:13 Residential site cleared - now going to industrial park site -

I'm done  - need sleep.
 And please keep him alive so he might tell us how a kid who was a STAR student at Cambridge R-and Latin could become a terrorist.  Was it the older brother?


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Police scanner - from Reddit:
here's a timeline:

EDIT 11:26 EST: They have a photo of the alleged suspect.
EDIT 11:27 EST: Heard a Black Male in all black clothing.
EDIT 11:32 EST: NBC just reported the shots on TV. No new info there.
EDIT 11:33 EST: There was a robbery at a near by 7-11 (Dark Skin White Male 5'11' 200lbs, black top). Could be related?
EDIT 11:40 EST: Woman reported on the ground screaming/crying. Male that was with her just walked away. [Unrelated, thanks /u/dontgotmilk]
EDIT 11:42 EST: Image from the scene. Warning blood.
EDIT 11:44 EST: Possible witness.
EDIT 11:47 EST: /u/philsmith24457 points out they mentioned a mini excavator [Unrelated]
EDIT 11:59 EST: Reportedly a group of Black males. 1 in a gray hoodie, in his early 20's, heavy set. 2 in black hoodies. Firearms present. [Unrelated].
EDIT 12:04 EST: from /u/TheFightingFarsi : NBC Connecticut reporting MIT Officer has died. (grain of salt till for now)
EDIT 12:07 EST: MIT updated their emergency site with news. Police are searching the campus, stay indoors.
EDIT 12:12 EST: Removed links to emergency site to prevent Reddit DDoS. Thanks /u/Some-Internet-Guy
EDIT 12:13 EST: Boston Globe Editor confirms MIT officer death.
EDIT 12:16 EST: /u/TheFightingFarsi has more info on the MIT officer.
EDIT 12:17 EST: [Unrelated] Black male with grey hoodie put his firearm in the front pouch. Please stay inside tonight.
EDIT 12:23 EST: It seems like the MIT officer was the only one involved as of right now. No students have been reported harmed. Seems like a case of wrong place, wrong time. Will continue updating if any new information comes up.
EDIT 12:26 EST: Dark Skin White Male from 11:33 was mentioned. He has a gotee.
EDIT 12:28 EST: Black Mercedes SUV car-jacked in the last 30 minutes. 2 Middel-Eastern males with firearms. PLEASE don't be related to the bombings Q.Q License Plage - 137 NZ1
EDIT 12:30 EST: More images from MIT.
EDIT 12:32 EST: The filled up with gas, payed cash. Car took off to Harvard Square.
EDIT 12:32 EST: Car owner is fine, escaped while they were filling up.
EDIT 12:34 EST: MIT updated their emergency site again. Police continue to sweep the campus.
EDIT 12:35 EST: Driver of car-jacked Mercedes displayed firearm to police.
EDIT 12:38 EST: I was disconnected from the live feed.
EDIT 12:40 EST: I got the feed back.
EDIT 12:41 EST: MIT updated their emergency site again. The shooter remains at large, police continue to search the campus. Please REMAIN INDOORS until further notice.
EDIT 12:45 EST: /u/speedbreeze has a summary in multiple languages. They have fact-checked info, where I relay what I am hearing on the feed.
EDIT 12:47 EST: /u/sceptre886 mentioned the car stolen is a Mercedes ML-350. Tag number 137 NZ1
EDIT 12:49 EST: Shots fired in Cambridge. Shots and Explosions in Watertown.
EDIT 12:50 EST: Shots fired. Grenades spotted.
EDIT 12:51 EST: More shots, explosion. Grenade went off.
EDIT 12:55 EST: Officer down. Explosives at scene. 94 Spruce Street??
EDIT 12:56 EST: Reports of a stolen state police truck. Black, 4 door.
EDIT 12:57 EST: Second officer down. Hand Grenades...automatic weapons fired.
EDIT 12:58 EST: Spruce (sp?) and Lincoln
EDIT 1:00 EST: Dexter and Laural. Suspect injured. Explosives in the area.
EDIT 1:01 EST: Officers ordered back. Map of area thanks to /u/rm-rf_

EDIT 1:01 EST: Suspect is on foot.
EDIT 1:02 EST: /u/iBrave sent me another map
EDIT 1:03 EST: Bomb Squad on their way.
EDIT 1:05 EST: Officers asked to power off phones/leave them in the car to prevent explosions.
EDIT 1:06 EST: 2 explosives confirmed. One near down officer. Robot in area to diffuse.
EDIT 1:09 EST: Suspect car still in the area.
EDIT 1:09 EST: Parameter from unnamed source.
EDIT 1:10 EST: Watertown not answering phones. Suspect in ambulance, one at gun point.
EDIT 1:11 EST: They are taking one of the suspects to Beth Israel (hospital). (Thanks /u/TheVacillate)
EDIT 1:12 EST: FBI on scene (thanks /u/bnjmn556)
EDIT 1:13 EST: Roll call to make sure everyone is okay/accounted for.
EDIT 1:17 EST: MIT updated their site: Suspect remains at large.
EDIT 1:19 EST: 2 in custody.
EDIT 1:19 EST: Another guy down?
EDIT 1:20 EST: Photos and Videos
EDIT 1:22 EST: Reports of suspect heavily armed in backyards.
EDIT 1:23 EST: MSP called for K9 unit.
EDIT 1:25 EST: May NOT have second suspect!!!
EDIT 1:26 EST: Reports of pressure cooker bombs!!!
EDIT 1:29 EST: Active shooter. audio noises
EDIT 1:29 EST: CNN has footage of suspect at gun point.
EDIT 1:30 EST: No report of an active shooter at this time. 40 police cars on their way to Watertown.
EDIT 1:32 EST: Second suspect reported to be in custody. No active shooters. No shots fired.
EDIT 1:33 EST *: Police are making people turning off their phones.
*EDIT 1:35 EST: Suspect ordered to strip down before being taken into an armored vehicle. Photo of suspect on ground - REMOVED PHOTO Not a suspect! EDIT 1:36 EST: Children's Hospital on lockdown.
EDIT 1:38 EST: Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for kind words. Keep sending me info and I'll keep updating. Stay safe everyone! This is not the post I wanted to make today...
EDIT 1:39 EST: WCVB reports one suspect is at large!
EDIT 1:41 EST: Reports of first officer down has died of his wounds (death toll: 2)
EDIT 1:42 EST: Reports of explosion at Harvard Quad.
EDIT 1:42 EST: Second suspect not in custody from radio! Be safe all!!
EDIT 1:44 EST: Children's Hospital clear. No shots fired there.
EDIT 1:46 EST: Explosion heard was from bomb squad.
EDIT 1:47 EST: Backpacks left on Laurel St.
EDIT 1:48 EST: News about Harvard Quad bomb seems to be fake. No bomb confirmed there.
EDIT 1:55 EST: Second suspect middle eastern looking, clean shaven, male with blue jacket with a "christmas style" hat.
EDIT 1:56 EST: My inbox is flooded with "Fuck the Mods" posts. Please, not now. Come back with hate in a few hours. For now, only news. Hate them in another thread.
EDIT 1:57 EST: The Christmas hat is a beenie.
EDIT 1:58 EST: MIT update: Suspect from there is no longer on campus. Right now, these are two different incidents and not related.
EDIT 1:58 EST: Suspect who was laying on the ground was released and is walking home. Taken in from confusion.
EDIT 2:00 EST: Reports of a "code black" at Auburn Hospital. Nothing confirmed.
EDIT 2:02 EST: Sorry for lack of info. Inbox is flooded, dealing with thread transfer and my scanner stopped. Back at it!
EDIT 2:05 EST: Officer ducked down (idk if that is bad).
EDIT 2:05 EST: Overhead Helicopter to light abandoned SUV to direct ground police.
EDIT 2:06 EST: Police searching house for second suspect.
EDIT 2:09 EST: Reported - house that should be empty has people in it. MAP
EDIT 2:14 EST: Reported SWAT called in. Police listed a name, unclear if related.
EDIT 2:15 EST: SF Airport evacuated bc of a small fire. [Unrelated]
EDIT 2:17 EST: Entering house on the second floor.
EDIT 2:17 EST: Long guns were used to fire at police. Ambulance called to American Legion.
EDIT 2:18 EST: [UNRELATED] FBI released new photos of bombers. HERE
EDIT 2:20 EST: My streams seems to have lagged behind everyones. Someone hit by car.
EDIT 2:24 EST: 15 shots fired.
EDIT 2:26 EST: Backdoor found opened. Police searching the area. Handgun mag found.
EDIT 2:27 EST: Reports of shots fired at Aberdeen & Mr. Auburn.
EDIT 2:29 EST: NBC is showing a cat screaming NO! while being put into a tub...
EDIT 2:30 EST: Boston Globe is confirming one of the Marathon bombers is in custody.
EDIT 2:31 EST: Gold Nissan Maxima being searched.
EDIT 2:35 EST: Different news places are reporting 1 suspect as dead, and another reporting that same suspect as in custody. Nothing known about his status atm.
EDIT 2:40 EST: Large area cleared by police (protected area location).
EDIT 2:41 EST: Boston Globe seems to be reporting everything...I'm not going to trust them for now on. Just FYI.
EDIT 2:43 EST: White male in gray hoodie considered armed and dpangerious!
EDIT 2:44 EST: More update - White male, black hoodie, curly hair.
EDIT 2:46 EST: Mt. Auburn Hospital is being evacuated. - FALSE, accepted in confusion
EDIT 2:48 EST: Police confirm these are the Marathon Bombers
EDIT 2:48 EST: Suspect who is at large is confirmed to be the Marathon Bomber with the white hat!
EDIT 2:51 EST: Red vehicle (Toyota) hasn't moved in an hour, has people in it. Police scoping it out.
EDIT 2:53 EST: Robot searching car
EDIT 2:55 EST: My feed crashed again. Either server issues or they took it down to hide info.
EDIT 2:56 EST: Police confirm MIT and Bombers are connected.
EDIT 2:58 EST: My feed is back.
EDIT 3:00 EST: Police looking for Black Dodge Avenger?
EDIT 3:01 EST: Reports are coming in that one of the suspects is the missing Brown student.
EDIT 3:02 EST: One suspect dead
EDIT 3:03 EST: Someone sent me suspects names....they don't deserve to be posted.
EDIT 3:04 EST: Suspect seen running (on foot).
EDIT 3:06 EST: {delayed} Swat only in the area.
EDIT 3:08 EST: Some sites are reporting "Bombs everywhere". Only 2 where known (and diffused). The suspect may have some on him, but none are out and about.
EDIT 3:10 EST: Suspect lost in foot pursuit.
EDIT 3:11 EST: Naked suspect being loaded into car seems to be old footage for suspect they released earlier (wrong guy).
EDIT 3:16 EST: People keep telling me there is no foot pursuit. Did they stop?
EDIT 3:19 EST: K9 Units deployed. 465 Arsenal Street open door.
EDIT 3:20 EST: MAP of 465 Arsenal Street.
EDIT 3:21 EST: Sounds like shots being fired! My fault, 2nd stream played a video with shots
EDIT 3:22 EST: All officers no involved in static posts are to report to Arsenal.

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