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Next weekend's diary will be somewhat delayed.

This is because I recently found out...

...drumroll, please...

I will be auditioning to be on Jeopardy! this Saturday.

Yes.  Really.


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This came about because I auditioned on-line for my favorite game show a couple of months ago.   I didn't do all that well (or so I thought), and after being disappointed for a few minutes, I pretty much forgot about it.

Imagine my surprise when I got a cheerful little e-mail from the production company telling me that I'd made the cut for the first round of auditions, and the next step was actually visiting New York on May 25th for a two hour interview/audition/practice game.  After I finished spitting at my monitor in shock, I wrote back and said yes, thank you, of course I will attend, I've only been saying since I was about twelve that I'd kick serious tail if I ever got a chance to play Jeopardy! for real.  

And so...instead of finishing up my next diary, Captain America:  Socialist Scum!, "Raptured by Gil Thorpe," on Friday night and Saturday morning, I will be taking a luxurious Peter Pan bus down to Penn Station with my BFF, staying at BFF's sister's apartment in Murray Hill, then bunnying over to a hotel in the West 70s for my audition, after which I'll have a late lunch and basically hang out in New York.

Needless to say, this doesn't leave much time for writing.

Given all this, I am making an executive decision and delaying my evisceration of a series of horrifyingly junky yet surprisingly popular books until Monday, May 27th, 2013.  Expect it to go live sometime that day (time TBD), quite probably while I'm at the new Star Trek movie.

Thanks so much, and don't worry - I'll give your love to the Empire State Building since I'll only be about three blocks away!



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