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Let me state right off the bat that this advise does not apply to the most dangerous criminals in our society, since they have bought immunity for themselves.  Wall Street banksters looting the country's coffers, war profiteers, war criminals, regulators on the take, and businesses that handle hazardous materials who through gross negligence cause dozens of deaths, need not worry about this advise, since they are immune thanks to influence peddling corruption, and our two-tiered justice system.

These criminals are the most dangerous because their actions result in direct and indirect harm to society, to the people, at a massive level.  But again, they don't need to worry, and should feel relatively safe in knowing that they can continue their crime spree, pillaging, and enriching themselves without fear of justice or retribution (as long as they don't too sloppy).

No, this advise is for regular folks.  The first thing you need to know and understand is that there is a massive total-information-awareness surveillance dragnet covering the entire country, from sea to shiny sea (also from our Northern and Southern borders).

Secondly, you need to understand that our prison system has become an industry, with a rapidly increasing, for-profit sector that depends on "growth," thus creating incentives to incarcerate the greatest number of people.

Thirdly, understand that if you commit, are believed to have committed, or are suspected of having been somehow involved with, in certain types of crimes for which the government has essentially eliminated due process under the law, habeas corpus, the right to legal representation, and the right to remain silent, you could be subject to not only indefinite detention, but extra-judicial execution--and that of course also applies to U.S. citizens.

Also, you need to be aware that as the corporatist powers pushing this agenda on our system of government find no significant resistance from an increasingly docile and submissive (and subjugated) population, they will continue expanding the legal justification under which the government can kill you extra-judicially, or detain you indefinitely.

And of course, this only applies to certain type of alleged crimes.  But in addition, in almost every other area of criminal law, the system is finding ways to slowly increase penalties, fines, and the consequences of merely being accused of a crime.  For example, in some state employers can now check to see if you have arrested for any reason, as part of a employment background check.  It doesn't matter if you were innocent or not.

So in essence, the best advise is to be as compliant as possible with the dictates of the corporate state.  Follow the program; do not make any waves.  Don't worry about the endemic corruption at the top.  Keep your head down, and your nose to the grindstone, or if you prefer the hamster on a wheel metaphor, then just keep on it, making sure you keep up with the speed as needed by the oligarchs.

And forget about effective social justice and anti-corruption activism, since once you engage in it, there are multiple ways in which you could find yourself ensnared in the rapidly-expanding national security net.  You could even be accused of being a terrorist threat by merely joining an activist group.

So if you are a regular criminal, stick to basic run-of-the-mill crimes.  Yes, if you are a minority, statistically speaking, you are still more likely to be sentenced to death (depending on the crime), to be treated much more harshly throughout the whole process, etc., but at least you'll still have some rights (as long as you don't run from the police, since in that case, you are likely to be shot death), including the right to remain silent, and the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

So be good; be obedient.  Go to work (if you have a job), watch TV (don't miss any of your favorite reality TV and HBO great shows), share your jogging and hiking stats on facebook and twitter, or share that video of the dancing chihuahua, but try to avoid  engaging in your civic responsibilities as a citizen in the face of massive corruption.

Remember, there is nothing you can do against the criminal oligarchy (arrangement between corporatist cartels and their puppets in government), since they have bought immunity for themselves.

Don't worry too much about injustices, about the poor (who thinks of them anyways), about the infirm, about the sick, about the old, about the vulnerable.  The conditions are being set (austerity, etc.) for them to fall through the cracks into irrelevancy, and eventual demise.

You just worry about you and yours, understanding that we're kind of moving towards economic Darwinism, and as such, you need to be strong, push your productivity as much as you can so the extra profit that result from it goes directly to the ruling class (at a faster and faster rate).  As long as you are able to keep up, you'll be relatively okay, especially if you turn the other way when you see those around you falling into poverty, homelessness, and despair.  Remember, it's all about your own survival--survival of the fittest.

So there you have it.  Be good and be obedient, but if you have to commit a crime, stick to the run-of-the-mill variety; don't get too ambitious (leave that to the thieves at the top).  And try to keep up with the rapidly expanding rationale under which citizens can be spied on, indefinitely detained, or assassinated extra-judicially.  You'll want to stay away from those things.

Do it all for the good of Corporate America.  They are counting on you!



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