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Why was a proposed panel on torture by the highly respected anti-torture activist Chacounne, not approved? What could be more germane to our perilous moral predicament as a nation and a people?

Why was a panel proposed by, the also highly respected, Shockwave for Dana Siegelman to present her father's case not approved? What could be more important to our political process than the political prosecution and false imprisonment of prominent Democrat, Don Siegelman by the likes of Karl Rove and George W. Bush? Is it the subsequent refusal of the Obama administration to do anything to help, the problem? Is that why we're being denied this opportunity to spread the knowledge of what has happened here in all of our names? Is this an uncomfortable question for the Party?


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Who is calling these shots? And what's in their heads? Are we still supporting activists? Or just the Party? Do we still support dissent? Or not? Do we still care about people? Are we afraid to oppose torture and injustice? Who's giving these orders? Who is standing in the way of those who would resist the madness?

Have we become the Democratic Party? Even as the Democratic Party has become a mere shadow of its former self? Has the ferocious Internet uprising been spanked and put to bed? Are they killing off all dissent?

Sure seems like we're being co-opted by the home team. If I'm wrong, please explain.

WTF is going on with Netroots Nation?

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