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Given that the GOP is a stew of every psychological and political pathology known to man, I know it's a difficult question to unravel, but just for fun, let's try: What TV sci-fi villain society most resembles conservatives / Republicans in this country?  Below are some of the most prominent examples, but feel free to answer with something more obscure.


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Society: Cardassians
Series: Star Trek: TNG & DS9


Similarities: Paranoid, secretive, genocidal, sociopathic, racist, narcissistic, imperialistic, treacherous, and proud of their "family values."  Live in a police state with a "justice" system where people are found guilty in advance of trial and legal proceedings / punishments are just theater to expiate public emotions.  Believe they do a service to the oppressed peoples they conquer by "toughening them up."  Willing to ally with even worse societies themselves for personal gain or military conquest.

Dissimilarities: Highly organized, orderly, and intellectual, with cultivated self-control and profoundly sincere beliefs.

Note: Could also apply to Romulans on many levels, but they aren't as developed in the Star Trek universe.


Society: The Divine Order
Series: Lexx


Similarities: Cartoonishly cruel to a point that makes parody impossible (because Lexx is a parodical show).  Runs an "assembly-line of death" where prisoners are put on a conveyor belt, interrogated and tried by an automated computer system, and then fed into a vivisecting machine that feeds their organs and guts to The Divine Order as raw materials for their biological projects.  Utterly callous and malevolent.  Theocratic.  Utterly servile to their leader / god, His Divine Shadow (seen above) - the spitting image of Dick Cheney - but ruthless in general.  The demand of the Divine Order for biological material is insatiable, so they keep coming up with more and more excuses to execute people.

Dissimilarities: Technologically advanced, orderly.


Society: Shadows
Series: Babylon 5


Similarities: Social Darwinists, fetishize and deliberately promote conflict for its own sake, emphasis on desire and will as ends in themselves rather than being concerned with consequences.  Like to spread chaos and destruction on the theory that this promotes evolution.  No apparent empathy.

Dissimilarities: Driven by a philosophical agenda to empower the crass compulsions of others rather than merely serve their own.


Society: Ferengi
Series: Star Trek: TNG & DS9


Similarities: Cartoonishly greedy and exploitive.  All morality boiled down to zero-sum acquisition at the expense of others, and compassion / charity treated as an abomination.  Willing to steal and murder when convenient, but personally cowardly.  Extremely misogynistic, stingy, and treacherous.

Dissimilarities: Largely un-hypocritical in their greed, and not at all malevolent if they can make a profit by being helpful.  Intelligent and often productive.  More interested in material wealth than the power it brings.


Society: Goa'uld
Series: Stargate franchise


Similarities: Unproductive, degenerate parasites who can't do anything except through the bodies and work of others.  Demand to be worshiped as gods and compete with each other as feudal overlords.  Take credit for the technological and economic advances of captive societies.  Chaotic, but pettily tyrannical.  Compulsively narcissistic, arrogant, and treacherous.  Pathological liars.  Hate everyone and everything but their own individual selves, whom they truly believe to be perfect in every way.  See all other beings in the universe as objects to be enslaved and exploited.  Brutally cruel.  Will do anything for power.  Totally amoral, but create religious ideologies to deify themselves.

Dissimilarities: Unhypocritical.  Will feign tolerance for the sake of convenient alliances, but can't or won't pretend to be moral.


Society: Daleks
Series: Doctor Who


Similarities: Shrill, arrogant, fascistic, genocidal, paranoid, and merciless creatures who travel around in mobile tank-like machines.  Believe themselves to be a Master Race, and consider all others disposable.  Totalitarian social structure.  Obedience without question is absolute.  Ecstatically recite the mantra "Exterminate!  Exterminate!  Exterminate!" when a killing has been commanded.  Terrified of enemies who prove capable against them, and this makes them full of rage and hatred toward them.  One-note grotesqueries.

Dissimilarities: Organized, scientifically literate.  Capable of learning from mistakes.  The rational kind of evil.

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What TV sci-fi villain society most resembles Republicans?

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