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Daniel Island is ready for public transit and a real need for it exists there now.  We’ll meet on Tuesday, April 30 at the Daniel Island Library at 6 pm to discuss making progress on Daniel Island transit happen.  We’re inviting representatives of all relevant agencies, governments and NGOs to join us there.

You can find full information on the web page http://busec.org/...
Please print out the available PDF flyer linked from the page or share this information electronically.

We’ve had two extensive transit outreach visits to the Island, which continue a two year long effort there.  We’ve met retirees who purchased their homes a decade ago with the promise of transit connections to Mount Pleasant, Charleston and North Charleston who are now older and having trouble driving.   Some are already stranded on the Island.  Businesses on the Island have jobs to offer, but labor has a difficult time reaching the island.  Many younger families would enjoy more transit options, taking the golf cars popular on the island to bus stops from which they could reach the surrounding cities and towns.  

Workers at Blackbaud and Benefits Focus would like to live car free, but still have functional access to other communities.  Young people want a larger world to explore, but don’t want to burden their parents with ever trip or (worse) have Mom or Dad some along.  There is a low income population on the island now and in nearby Cainhoy who enjoy the generous employment opportunities living in the area now offers, but don’t have an economically available mobility option.  Only a handful of people expressed opposition.  CARTA Bus Driver Debbie Geise has been very helpful on this effort.

We’ve also distributed hundreds of our transit voter information fliers on Daniel Island (and over 15 thousand throughout the region and in Beaufort) to a generally positive response.  People like the detail about an issue which most people in our region now recognize as being important to their lives and our area’s quality of life.  You can read the details on that effort at www.busec.org/vote

Printed copies of the flyer are available on request.  This weekend they’ll be distributed at the Charleston Farmer’s Market and at the Mount Pleasant Blessing of the Fleet.


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