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I was a Republican at one point in my life, I was younger and much angrier at the time, and even then there was something that bothered me. Even now it bothers me and its something I don't understand, so I turn to the people here in the hopes of figuring things out.

Ever since I was able to first vote the Republicans have always put themselves forward as the party that cares most about the Constitution. Yet at every turn they seem to be the first ones willing to give the government totalitarian power. Some nutter shoots up a high school, let's infringe on the First Amendment and put the kibosh on violent movies and video games. Some terrorists kill a bunch of Americans, well that means we have to sacrifice freedom in the name of "security".  More and more they seem to be shifting away from what they claim to represent, that being the intentions of the founding fathers. I just don't get it.

If you ever care to see what this attitude has resulted in you have only to check out the comments section of Townhall.com. You see the same group of people talking about how we should have treated the Dzrokhar as an enemy combatant, regardless of the fact that he was a citizen. You see columnists saying how terrible it was that we tried the underwear bomber in civilian court (regardless of the fact that he's in a super max prison for the rest of his life) No they just want to kill or torture everyone we capture because that would be "justice".

They seem to expect that the more power we give law enforcement, or the military, then the safer we'll be. The problem is that, in practice, we're edging closer and closer to totalitarianism. All at the hands of the people who claim to love liberty best.

Now I don't always agree with the Democrats either but at least they don't seem to be wanting the government to monitor my emails without a warrant.

Any thoughts?

That's all for now

May God bless you and may God be gracious to you

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