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That NPR segment on disability- i just can't let it go.
When Fox news, Drudge and Briet effing Bart gushingly compliment an NPR story you know something is really REALLY F$%#3CNG wrong!

The explosion in a Texas fertilizer plant: Volunteer firefighters lost their lives because some Randian capitalist decided that the EPA and rules didn't apply to his exalted ass.

As we all know workers died as well, and that's an entirely different tragedy, but i would like to focus on the firefighters. In America 60 to 70% of the entire force is volunteer! WTF! This is a hard job, and its a life threatening job. Why is no one in the media talking about that. The feds have cut states budgets and the states in turn have cut essential services, which include firefighters. If this trend continues will we opt for volunteer police, teachers, road pavers, and bridge maintenance workers? Lets all just work for free then huh!

I wholeheartedly believe that all volunteering is Honorable, Decent and Brave, but should we really be asking unpaid citizens to risk their lives because of cutbacks and  greed?

Silent, like a thief in the middle of the night, the house easily passed a bill, and no one in the senate even bothered to filibuster. What could possible pass the house, the senate, and ultimately sailed to the president to be signed into law, which he did, with no strings attached?  Jon Stewart Blasts Congress On Insider Trading Laws: 'F*cker Act' Quietly Gutted (VIDEO) watch that to what just passed easy peasy if you didn't already know.

And NO! Obama doesn't get a free pass on offering to cut social security while we send money to Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and spend money to fly drones all over the Middle east and parts of Africa. NO, he and the rest of our elected officials don't get a pass for spending 7 fuc$%#ng trillion on two wars! Lets continue to spend trillions on the American war machine, Homeland security, and the drug war- but to pay for it, lets cut social security and medicaid. Words can't begin to describe this abhorrent behavior. Can you imagine if we spent 7 trillion on schools, green tech, the poor, the sick or the elderly? What kind of country would this be!

Last week 10 hedge fund managers collectively made 12 billion in pay for 2012 and the rest of America got poorer. The top 1% own 40% or more of all wealth in the nation, the bottom 40% have a negative net worth.

At this point in time, the wealth of the top 1% is a snowball rolling downhill and it will grow to such an enormous size the the rest of the population will become destitute. I don't see what is going to stop gravity at this point.

We are fu%$ed. truly and truly fuc$%d.


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Originally posted to csainvestor on Fri Apr 26, 2013 at 05:45 PM PDT.

Also republished by Social Security Defenders.

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