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Three days ago, April 25, was, Alice Day, presumably the unofficial day, when pedophiles celebrate their sickness. (It gets worse) In protest of that day, the group, Anonymous, shut down and hacked into one of the world's leading pedophilia advocate websites called, NAMBLA, North American Man-Boy Love Association. (Leading? Where have I been? I had neither heard of Alice Day or NAMBLA prior to this day) Anonymous targeted the website with DDoS attacks, leaking suspects' personal information and defacing their websites. Okay, I'm good with this. I imagine most everyone is good with this, yes? --unless you're a member of NAMBLA

I decided to research. I googled the name of the organization. Sadly there were many NAMBLA pages to be found. I opened the Wikipedia site first, as they often gives a quick (unofficial) view of people, places and things. In the Wikipedia description I read:

"NAMBLA's website states that it is a political, civil rights, and educational organization whose goal is to end "the extreme oppression of men and boys in mutually consensual relationships"

It took a bit of my breath away. There are so many things wrong with that statement, I don't know where to begin.  Then I did a search for the actual website. I was stunned to see how easily it was to find NAMBLA.org online, (missing the fact that it was also linked in some of the articles I researched) I did question as to whether I should enter the sight. Would it/could it be used against me should my laptop ever be confiscated? In this case, I had to remind myself to act out of strength rather than fear. I had to see, for myself, what this enemy looked like rather than go by hearsay.

There were no photos or words that could be used against them, legally. None that I cold find. It was more of what was implied that was so incredibly disgusting and blatantly pedophiliac. As most would imagine, it felt very unsettling and disturbing to be in there. On their main page they have an artistic sketch of a young boy that looks to be anywhere from 5-9 years old. There were music and poetry links. I couldn't stomach the thought of opening them. Finally, I came across, "Why NAMBLA Matters," and found these statements among the NAMBLA mission:
-For 30 years, NAMBLA has been the primary voice testifying to the benevolent aspects of man/boy love.

-NAMBLA has been, and continues to be, a beacon of moral support for all individuals who feel a natural love for boys.

-NAMBLA is the only organization that specifically supports incarcerated individuals who identify as boy lovers or who otherwise agree with our aims.

Again, I'm stunned. Last I remember, pedophilia was/is illegal. NAMBLA even has a faceook community page:

Daily Dot reported Anonymous also targeted other similar sites on that day, including a large Russian child porn site.

Good on Anonymous. If you're unfamiliar with the truth-seeking group, don't feel bad. I was unaware of NAMBLA. Anonymous is a worldwide group that seeks out injustice, takes action, and exposes the the information to the world. They are quite gifted at this. Some of  Anonymous' most recent deeds include promoting an internet blackout in protest of CISPA, hacking the Westboro Baptist Church's Facebook page, and re-booting the judicial systems of the Steubenville and Rehtaeh Parsons rape cases. I am grateful to Anonymous for seeking out the the lowest. Much of what they expose is truly unpleasant to discover. But without the information, such evil people/practices will continue to fester below the surface taking in our most innocent. This is how we create change.

I am inspired by Anonymous. And I'm grateful they exist.

Diarist also posted in AddictingInfo.org


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Originally posted to Leslie Salzillo on Sun Apr 28, 2013 at 10:31 AM PDT.

Also republished by House of LIGHTS and Anonymous Dkos.

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