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Puck Clayoffs?

Chicago has been so effing storng, yet all it takes is one injury, one screw up, one loss. Sure, the odds are with us, and we have an incredible collection of athletes, but pucks have a life of their own. Especially in Shakespearean forests.

The speed with which these guys play is jaw dropping. The teamwork is almost psychic, not just area passes, but superb timing and blind passes. At times, it seems as though every Blackhawks knows of a fake, while the other team is uniformly sucked in.


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It is a fine time to enjoy sports in Chicago. Both baseball teams are doing their best to have record seasons. How many losses make the record, anyway?

Basketball? This little dude, half an inch shorter than I has thrilled the nation. Robinson is either hot or cold. When cold, you roll thine eyes. When hot, he takes a 14 point deficit, and single-handedly erases it. While being a foot shorter than any if the opponents. Add a great boozer, an animated Noah, an energy pump named Luol, and a butler who serves up great shots, and one thinks that we may even beat Miami. But for the lack of a crane, or a Derrick, in this case, that is unlikely.

Football? American? The draft was daft. We have so many holes, so many weaknesses, that rebuilding  will be a cheer for years.  We Long for a defense, so they drafted an offensive line dude. Which was far more needy than our aging D.
Just hope we don't teBOW to Christian pressure. Another bad arm and a prayer simply won't work.

Football? Everyone else's? The Fire have some new blood, but damn, our defense seems weak, our midfield is disjointed, and our offense hasn't left the locker room yet. It is a long season, but really. The weaknesses are too painfully clear, even to a rank amateur like mois.

Bt the Hawks. Damn, it is like a ballet, but with sticks. They do not look for a fight, but do not turn away from one, either. This team has recharged my love of this sport. They are that good.

Afte weak and weak of GOP obstructionism, after caving in by an exasperated spelunker in chief, after a predictable lack of spine by Ds in the house AND the senate, we all need a break. Sports is not a bad way to start.

(Disclaimer. Actually, I am beginning to hate American football. The violence reminds me too much of the drunk who changed our lives, with multiple surgeries, tons of pain, and non-stop efforts trying to cope with issues we never imagined. Like pain. Or unremitting pain. Or spasms of teeth gnashing pain, with lulls of really bad chronic pain as a relief. But, Honey is a huge fan. In fact, she raises every game, every sport, but for golf, tennis, nascar, or bowling, to me every day. She used to live tennis, but it reminds her if her deceased dad too much. SHE is teaching me about subtleties of sports I never considered.)

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