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No graphics.  I was so busy trying to get the damn cell phone activated, and writing a self-reflection document for an evaluation, and going to a faculty meeting, NOTHING

Cognitive defect.  Please don't drum me out of the group for this.


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No graphics

Top Comments, 5/2/13

From commonmass:

In pat of butter in a sea of grits' diary about Mitt Romney's "quiverfull" dog-whistle in Virginia, suesue asks a very pertinent question.
From Noddy:
BroadwayBaby1 repeats a favorite and yummy line from jetfan's food diary Move Over Salt, Sugar, and Fat, here comes Caffeine
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  4) Why not do the same thing in a local restaurant? by Bob Johnson — 109
  5) that's also the reason by TrueBlueMajority — 109
  6) something tells me by Laurence Lewis — 107
  7) Tebow who™? n/t by JeffW — 97
  8) Didn't he used by Lonely Liberal in PA — 95
  9) Well said.   by pico — 95
10) Spewing expletives here... by asterkitty — 93
11) It would be insane in any state by Barbara Morrill — 93
12) True confession: by flitedocnm — 89
13) Near the end of the Monty Python "Cheese Shop" by ontheleftcoast — 90
14) The American Chemical Society should help her by VacuumTubeCellPhone — 87
15) Or what if someone accidentally loaded a few by Throw The Bums Out — 84
16) Sens. Ayotte, Flake et al. can sleep well tonight by Trix — 82
17) He picked Tim Geithner for Treasury Sec'y, by psnyder — 81
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19) "Where are they now?" by bobswern — 72
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28) Speechless n/t by Barbara Morrill — 65
29) I don't hate Christians or Tim Tebow by stevie avebury — 64
30) He Also Forbade Them From Praying in Public by Gooserock — 64
31) WTF? by divineorder — 64
Jotter's photo quilt for 5/1
Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Open thread.
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