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Whatado evraybody, whatado.

Don't forget the Animal Nuz on Saturday.

One sked guest tonight is actress, Angela Kinsey, who plays the accountant on 'The Office'.

The other sked guest is British comedian, Simon Amstell.

I hadn't seen my primary care doctor since Sept of last year when we sked my scopings.  I saw him this past Tues.  Not for lack of desire, but for a seemingly endless string of minor maladies that kept me from having any confidence I could keep an appt once I made it.  I couldn't exert myself much for a month in Sept/Oct because of wildfire smoke.  I would get winded just walking 20 feet.  Then I pulled a muscle in the left crease between thigh and torso.  After a week it was fine and the next day it would occur on the right side.  Then when that was gone it was a muscle between the top of the two creases.  Then sciatica hit my right leg and while I was dealing with that I was standing up slowly from the couch.  While still bent at the waist my lower back shifted.  Took me 4 hours to get to where I could move about even a little bit.  That's just the high points.

Why didn't I go to the doc about those things?  I already know the answer.  For the smoke-stay inside as much as you can get some filter masks.  The pulled muscles?  Stay off of it as much as you can.  At $130 per office visit.  So there's $1300 or so that I didn't waste on whining.  Also, too, I'm not catching the flu from some sick person each time I'm in the waiting room.

He had indicated he had a theory about the rashes I had back then, coupled with the massive weight lose I experienced, which prompted the scopings thinking cancer might be an issue.  Scopes were clear.  So I asked about that theory of his.  Celiac sprue.  Sprue being the medically correct term.  Though it sounds more ominous than Disease.

So I have been laid low by gluten all this time.  My cereal cabinet is an EPA superfund site for gluten.  My pastas sit in their boxes and bags waiting to wreak their havoc.  I now have to read ingredient labels to ensure gluten isn't lurking as a filler in something I would otherwise deem safe.  I am gastronomically doomed. DOOOOMMMED.

But in looking around teh intertrucknettubes, it doesn't appear that the necessary dietary conversion will be all that difficult, just more expensive for some items.  Plus the cost of the food now destined for the local Food bank.

Kroger (Smith's in this area) grocery has a listing on their website of their gluten-free products.  There are other cereals and pastas I can avail my self of.  But how can I enjoy a big ol fat Club sandwich with no bread?  The occasional gut bomb at a burger joint will have to be taken home and stripped down from its bun.

Oh, well.

Have a good weekend yall.

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