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@MSNBC chyron reads:

SR US Official: Israel has hit at least one military target inside Syria

Will update or delete if a Front Page story appears.

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Live now on MSNBC.com television.

Andrea Mitchell:

What we are hearing, in a carefully worded statement from Israel is a non-denial denial and confirmation that they would stop any weapons that they thought were heading to Lebanon and Hezbollah.

That can be taken as confirmation from the Israelis, that indeed something has happened, and that it did involve what they claimed it was, uh, were weapons that were intended for hostile forces inside Lebanon.  

Mike [correction] Jim Miklaszewski NBC News reporting:

US officials tell NBC news that, uh, this appears to be very similar to the one that the Israelis conducted in January, when they launched  an air stirke aginst a convoy of anti-aircraft missiles they believed were destined for Hezbollah.

more from Jim:

As long as it stays in that realm (Syria, Hezbollah, Israel) it is likely not to go any further. Several years ago, and I, I, I'm sorry I can't remember the, the year, offhand... uh, but the Israelis launched air strikes that took out a Syrian nuclear  facility that was in the making.

Syria did not issue a single protest Because, of course, they didn't want to acknowledge that they were making a nuclear facility. But that when away in very short order. So, there's nobody within the US Government that thinks these kinds of strikes, by Israel, against weapons shipments destined for Hezbollah are going to have any, uh, collateral effect and expand the War that's now inside Syria.

h/t to commenter JML9999

Syria’s War Has Once-Quiet Border Area in Israel on Alert
MOUNT HAZEKA, Israel — Elite infantry and reconnaissance units have been moved into the long-quiet Golan Heights this spring. Bulldozers are making way for new military shelters. And at a strategic army outpost, a Merkava tank sits pointing toward Syria — poised to race up a dirt ramp at a moment’s notice.

 The stepped-up military presence across the 43-mile border with Syria demonstrates the growing fear and anxiety among Israeli political and military leaders over the Syrian civil war now in its third year. Already there have been clashes at the border, with errant munitions landing in the Golan some 30 times, at least five prompting Israel to fire back.

But the concern runs deeper along what was for decades one border Israel did not have to worry much about. Many increasingly see no possible positive outcome of their neighbor’s bloody conflict, no clear solution for securing their interests in the meanwhile. Israel’s military leadership now views southern Syria as an “ungoverned area” that poses imminent danger.

MSNBC.com has some reporting up now
Israelis warplanes strike Syria to prevent Game-changing weaponry from reaching Hezbollah
“We can not comment on these reports, but what we can say is that Israel is determined to prevent the transfer of chemical weapons or other game-changing weaponry by the Syrian regime to terrorists, specifically to Hezbollah in Lebanon,” an Israeli spokesman in Washington said, according to Andrea Mitchell.
The Obama administration has moved very cautiously on Syria, waiting to verify the origins of a possible use of chemical weapons. Obama officials are conscious of mistakes the George W. Bush regime made in acting on unverified intelligence.

It was not clear whether the Israelis had asked for or received tacit approval from the U.S. before launching the Friday strike.
White House officials referred all questions to Israel, who reiterated that they will take action to prevent weapons going to Hezbollah.

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