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Today's eye-rolling source material:

Breitbart screencap of headline:
Written by some yahoo at the Family Research Council, the outrage is that soldiers in uniform can't proselytize. You know, because that's not what Uncle Sam is paying them to do. Particularly when lower-ranked personnel are at the mercy of their superiors. Not just Christians, either. They can do whatever they want on their own free time.

In any case, you can just imagine how agitated the natives became. The only question was, could someone successfully work Benghazi into this freak fest? Head below the fold to find out.

Oh, and a p.s.: My dog tags in the Army, in the religion line? They read "Bokononist".


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All true patriotic Americans should not join the military. There is a coupe within our government. Arm up and join your local militias.
Our armed forces are so unpatriotic.
The more the government tries to suppress any true believers faith in the Jesus Christ, the more compelling it will be to share the gospel with the lost. For those with ears to hear...Luke 19:39-40: Some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Jesus, "Teacher, rebuke your disciples!" "I tell you," He replied, "if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out."
If you don't get to do what you want during work hours, you're being suppressed. It's called freedom, I think.
this is the start of christians being persecuted for there beliefs.
The start? Hey Johnny Come Lately, where were you during the Great War On Christmas Battles?
This may be the only defense that the Military has against the indoctrination of gangs in the military. Sharing your faith and jumping people into gangs takes minds off line to their training and mission. It also presents an alternative loyalty that can subvert the unity that an army needs to be successful. Hence all loyalty must be to Cesar.
Um, gangs of Christians? I don't get it. There's theoretically an intelligent thought in there, somewhere, but I just can't grasp it!
Christianity is not popular nor was it ever meant to be. The Bible, which we believe to be God's word, says over and over again that we are aliens in this land, that we will be persecuted, that life will be hard for us. Life is, I believe, hard for everyone, but perhaps it is harder for Christians because we are commanded to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us, let me be clear, I am not saying any of you are haters, just stating a commandment Christians are given.
When will we make history by electing the first Christian president? Or Supreme Court justice? Heck, when will Christians even be allowed on a military base? Probably never, given all the persecution and stuff.
You forgot a question mark.
Anyplace is the right place to learn about God and the Gift of Jesus Christ! You don't have to listen! You can ask them to leave you alone, you can tell them you don't care! But just as you have the right to say you disagree they have a right to say what they feel. And those that want to learn have the right to listen wherever they hear the message!
In the middle of that mid-morning conference call? The right place! At the business lunch with clients? The right place! That afternoon all-hands staff meeting? The right place!
id prefer gays keep there touching in the bedroom but for some reason its perfectly exceptable to show it off everywhere these days. if you dont wanna hear it dont listen. your not talking freedom of/from religion your talkn free speech. you want to take away our rights to express ourselves religiously. this is straight out of the bible, christians shall be persecuted for not denying Jesus Christ. but than again, i should keep my opinion to myself.... haha no.
It's totally acceptable for gays to start making out in the middle of morning PT. But only the non-Christian ones.
The workplace is exactly where one should practice their faith. Our faith is not based on a building but on a relationship with Jesus Christ. A Christian who is practicing their faith will truly be the best worker in the company because they aren't there to just put the time but to work and give the company the best they have.
Um, is that the 11th commandment or something? "You shall give your Fortune 500 billionaire boss all your productivity, only to see him and his friends keep the gains to themselves while pillaging your retirement."
Just wait till you are forced to do worse by the ones who are really calling the shots! People should be concerning themselves with what comes next, and not with other peoples faith. What comes after you tell others it's illegal to practice what they believe. One step closer to tyranny. Enjoy the ride in which you seek, cuz it's gonna be a fast one! What people endure in this country now is nothing compared to what is coming to a street near you!
Things like curb cuts for wheelchairs! And bike lanes! And red light cameras! Yup, pretty scary.
But the military is being made to bend over backwards to respect every soldier who is a Muslim. They've even eliminated all negative reference to Muslims in training manuals and officers extol Islam in courses and seminars. There's a double standard here and I don't like it.
They had to delete all those negative references to Muslims because they needed the space to add the negative references to Christians. There was only so much space, you know?
No t Hitler....Obama is the problem...he is disrespectful of our country and our flag and our people...self centered and egomaniacal...He enjoys fundraising, self absorbed celebrities, and obviously vacations and travel on the taxpayers dime while making more entitlement mentality in the citezenry and acceptable thing...downplaying self independence and self respect in the individual...he is the antithesis of a true and productive American citizen
Remember when America disagreed with this kind of assessment? That was awesome.
The article states that this will effectively abolish the position of chaplain, I can't imagine being the soldier about to go into battle or the soldier who is seriously wounded in battle or the bereaved widow/er who will now not receive comfort or counseling.
Good news! You don't have to imagine it because it's not true. On the other hand, it would be nice if chaplains didn't have to worry about comforting those widows because of wars Conservatives cheerlead (and agitate for -cough-Iran-cough).
This country has not held christian morals for quite some time. All of the founding fathers were Freemasons. Not one was a Christian! Freemasonry is a luciferian religion. If this country did have Christian morals, we wouldn't have abortion, children killing each other, the oversexualization of our children, materialism, and having to have a lifestyle forced on everyone. Our children are forced to learn the "THEORY" of evolution which is a religion in the science community. How would the Freemason Darwin explain homosexuality in his theory?
You are right. Evolution is not much of a theory, since it's pretty much fact.
Unfortunately, if we don't stem the tide of liberalsim pretty soon (even by the so called conservatives!) this country will not be fit for any us of . . . And considering what the ONE true God tells us in the Bible, that isn't going to happen and the end is getting near!
Yup. Too late to do anything about it. I recommend cloistering yourself in your church, particularly in the early Novembers of even-numbered years.  
When I swore to uphold the Constitution, I was swearing to uphold the Laws Set forth by God through Moses and the rest. Your "Constitution is an abreviation for My Book Called Dueteronomy that is very hard to read because it is all Law. I can show you where every place of Authority that the fore fathers set up comes from that book.
You did it wrong.
How's about Benghazi??? They're COMMITTING Christians to their deaths and rubbing in your face, thrice!!! Hillary said NO to reinforcement requests, Oslama said NO, and Congress STILL doesn't know who or where the 'surviving' witnesses are.
... and scene.
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