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GOP Lie Debunked

The best part of the Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect occurred on the Internet section known as overtime where the a big GOP lie was debunked. An Internet viewer posed the question to the GOP strategist as to whether she would accept the 10 to 1 cuts to revenue. She said no because while the revenues are always raised, it is never followed by cuts.

[Snippet Transcript]

Internet Question: Mattie, would you have accepted the ten dollars in spending cuts for  every dollar in tax  increases that Obama proposed.

Mattie Dupppler: No. Turns out the problem with that deal are that it actually does not exist. This is the unicorn the Democrats keep saying it’s such a great deal why Republicans don’t just take it. We had two examples of when this has actually been tried and has failed. Both President Reagan and first President Bush made these deals with Democrats. They said I would give you one dollar in tax hikes for every two dollars in spending cuts or for Reagan I think it was three dollars in spending cuts. And what happened was these tax hikes were always real the spending restraints never materialized.

Lawrence O’Donnell: Do we have time for the truth? Ok. So here is the thing, forget these deals that you are talking about. Talk about the deal that the Democrats did with the Democrats. With not one Republican vote, 1993, and it was one to one…. The tax increases went into effect and all the spending cuts went into effect; most of them in Medicare by the way. The first the Bill Clinton and the only thing Bill Clinton did with Medicare was cut it his first year. And those were all real cuts. And that is how we got the deficit down with additional cuts that Newt Gingrich forced on Clinton years later; got it down to the point where we actually had projected surpluses, handed over to George Bush which he threw away. So this is a lie that Republicans will never stop telling that we only do the tax increases and we never do the budget cuts….

Overtime Segment Snippet on Big Republican Lie

The reality is that Republican policies are the policies responsible for the majority of America’s debt since 1980. The GOP lie continuously about wanting to balance the budget as there  codified policies do something else. This has been covered here, here, and here.

Lawrence O’Donnell responded not only with a factual response,to the GOP lie, but exposed the GOP strategist as a liar who ignored the reality of the budget process under Democrats alone and later with bi-partisan action. His pushback was refreshing as most would allow blatant lies of this type to go uncontested because they assume it is so blatantly false, no one would believe it. Unfortunately, if something is repeated enough unchallenged, it becomes truth to many.

Entire Internet Overtime Segment

Video At My Site – Won’t embed at DK

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