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Wait – What just happened? A roundup of the week in news, May 5, 2013

by Dawn Trial

California Is Coming For Your Guns!
On Wednesday California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation providing 24 million dollars to get the guns out of the 20,000 known cases of a person with a gun permit having mental illness. This is in direct response to the Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown CN that killed 26 children and educators in December of last year.

Alabama Says F-You To Federal Gun Laws
On Tuesday in a hurry to have protection in place before Congress votes again on more restrictive gun laws, the Good Ol’ Boy state of Alabama passed a law that said in part, “All federal acts, laws, orders, rules or regulations regarding firearms are a violation of the Second Amendment,” and that any law the Government passes that they deem as contrary to the 2nd amendment shall be null & void in the “Here We Rest” state.

Three More Arrested in Boston Bombing
Wednesday the Boston PD released via Twitter (yes you heard correctly…) that three more suspects has been taken into custody in connection with the Boston Bombings on April 15th. Dias Kadyrbayev, 19, and Azamat Tazhayakov, 19, both originally from Kazakhstan, have expired visas and are being charged with attempting to cover up evidence linking their friend Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, by dumping his backpack full of dismantled fireworks, and trying to destroy his laptop. The third person arrested was Robel Phillipos, also 19 and a Massachusetts native, for lying to investigators. To see the official complaint that was filed in court click here.

Congress Did The Sequester On Purpose…Until It Affected Them
We were warned that the consequences of Sequester were going to be painful and intolerable, enough so that our government would actually have to work together. We found out this week from Pat Toomey that the main reason many Republicans refused to even look at gun legislation was because they swore to block Obama from receiving even one win in his term as President. Well, until they realized their delight in the devastating sequester cuts affected their ability to travel in a timely manner. Both houses came together and passed a bill so quickly that parts of it were, I kid you not, even still handwritten. Check out Jon Stewart’s take on the situation.

Rhode Island Shocks All When Catholics Say “OK” to GAY! (But Just In New England!)
Rhode Island may be the 10th state to legalize gay marriage, but it’s also the last state in New England to do so, and has always been proud of touting itself as ‘The Most Catholic State’.  Interesting when their new Pope has expressed his disgust with gay rights. With Rhode Island gaily tucked away, all eyes are on Delaware who decides a similar bill for their state on Tuesday.

Utah AG GAG Law Defeated In First Prosecution Case!
Don’t know what an AG-GAG Law is? It’s this unconstitutional piece of legislation that makes it illegal to document illegal animal rights violations by the meat industry. Luckily, the very first case to be filed using this law was defeated, before it went to court, in response to the enormous outrage from the public. From a public street, Amy Meyer of Utah videotaped a slaughterhouse that violated animal rights laws and was slapped with a lawsuit from the Dale Smith Meat Packing Company. They also want to label animal rights activists, who don’t break the law, but report companies that do, as terrorists - judicially treating them the same as Osama Bin Laden.

GAYS?? In Sports??
One of NBA’s most widely known centers, Jason Collins, currently a free agent both literally and figuratively, came out in an interview he did with Sports Illustrated. Jason says he never wanted to be the first ‘out’ player, but knew it was time for someone to do it. The recent tragedy in Boston led Jason to reconsider how important it is to make big moves now, while you’re still active. What was even cooler? His idol is Martina Navratilova.

Kim Jong-Un Wants A Conversation With U.S. When Threats Fail, Uses American Outrage
With the Obama Administration ignoring Kim Jong-Un’s attempts at negative attention, he’s chosen a different tactic. One that always works. Infringing upon an American’s human rights. Kenneth Bae has been held in a North Korean jail for more than 6 months awaiting sentencing, which came this week. Bae has been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for “attempting to topple the North Korean government”. His crime? He photographed starving orphans on the streets of North Korea.

The Price Of Cheap Fashion
The collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh that killed over 500 people has made many Americans rethink their shopping habits. This was an instance of cramming over 2,500 people into an 8 story building that was not required to maintain or comply with any kind of building code or weight limit, and having it collapse. The day before these same employees had been sent home for fear of a building collapse due to several new and spreading cracks in the ceilings and walls. The next day, they were ordered back to the factory, or lose their pay, which amounts to less than $60 U.S. dollars a month. In light of May Day and American businesses refusing to discuss unionization and calling for a repeal of OSHA, American workers have to wonder if this move to restrict worker’s rights and protections, are they looking to create third world conditions here?

Yup! Assad Used Sarin. Wait…Are We At War??
The White House is feeling fairly confident that Assad has been gassing his people with Sarin, which Obama had previously stated as a ‘red line’ that would cause American intervention, something that is quite likely hoped for by Syria & Iran, to name a few in the region. Reports waffled between the U.S. doing nothing and sending arms so often, Americans are closing out this week in American history without knowing whether or not (and to what extent) we will be getting involved. The Syrian conflict has been going on since March 15, 2011 between the Assad regime and the Syrian rebels that want freedom.

The NRA Heralds In Das New Fuhrer
Juuuust in case you think we are being a little too harsh here let me tell you what James Porter, 64 year old Birmingham Alabama Attorney at Law has already been quoted as saying (and he hasn’t even “officially” taken office yet) the American Civil War was the “War of Northern Aggression”. The NRA is holding its “Stand & Fight Rally and Gun Sale” in Houston this weekend. Glenn Beck and Ted Nugent are guaranteed to attend. Sorry Texas. This new guy is a 2nd generation NRA President as his ‘Daddy’ was the NRA president from 1959-1961. Oh goody. With Porter and Bob Davis there may be no soul left in this movement.

Whoever Told You There Were No Perks In Congress Picked Your Pocket
Obama seems to be undoing a lot of what he promised Americans would be a move towards making Congressmen and women more accountable to, and like, the general American public. But with first repealing parts of the STOCK Act, which made it illegal for Congress to act upon insider trading tips. The same thing Martha Stewart went to jail for, Congress can legally act on as a ‘perk’ associated with the job. Not only are the lobbyists paying them, but they are once again allowed to line their pockets with inside information before it reaches the stock market. Well, when Obama was trying desperately to get Republicans on board with Obamacare, they told him they would agree if he mandated that all of Congress had to abide by the same insurance laws as Obamacare would dictate to Americans. When Obama called his bluff and included it, you can imagine everyone’s surprise when it passed. Well they are secretly and rapidly trying to undo that as well. Democrats & Republicans. Different names, different colors, everything else is the same.

Google Declaring Palestine?
Google has made a move to label previous identified “Palestinian Territories” to “Palestine” on all of its products, including Google Maps. The move has many questioning whether Google is making a political statement. Google, however, says it is merely following suit with other leading international organizations.

GitMo Has Done DidMo
This week we are finding out more and more details about the almost universal hunger strikes taking place at Guantanamo Bay Prison. With there presently being 166 prisoners at GitMo we are hearing different numbers of the amount that are actively participating in the hunger strike, but believe it to be somewhere in the ball park of 120. This week the White House sent over 40 new medical personnel to help with the strike. Details of the force feedings are getting human rights activists riled, especially as more than half of the prison’s ‘detainees’ have been cleared of any wrong-doing. It’s being reported that tubes are being reused from patient to patient. Dripping with blood, mucus & stomach bile from the person before and then being forcibly inserted into the next prisoner’s nose. The AMA signed on to state this as cruel and inhumane treatment by medical professionals.

See? Anyone Can Get On TV And Spew Ignorance Thanks To FOX!
We cannot, in good consciousness, let you end your week without catching this little gem.  Penny Nance, who is CEO & President of Concerned Women For America (and a person that should not be allowed to speak to other human) made an insulting claim on Thursday that has only made light by the reality of how stupid she is. Listen as she blames people that use reason rather than believing in God, for causing, wait for it…THE HOLOCAUST. Check out the NAP’s piece on the National Day of Reason.


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Originally posted to Secular Party of America on Sun May 05, 2013 at 04:09 PM PDT.

Also republished by Street Prophets .

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