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Because it's time.  It is way past time.  

As I approach 50 and evaluate the world around me -- and my place in it -- the question of values, and being "of value," has been very much on my mind.


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Throughout my life as a social entrepreneur; an activist; an observer of trends, people and society; and, most importantly, a mom, I have always asked:  What actions can we take now, from where we are, to deliberately and consciously create a better world for everyone?  It's not about striving for perfection but simply doing our best, with integrity and honesty.  And diligence.

This Revolution is the result of my life's work.  (Please explore Wishadoo! to get a better idea of my work.  I'll announce a "portal" page very soon to share other projects with you, as well as a new testimonial area where members can share their experiences with Wishadoo! over the years.)

There are also many life experiences which fuel both my work and this revolution.

One overarching influence in my formative years and throughout my life is the environment in which I grew up.  My perception is that most people I knew were "content to be content."  They saw many things around them that simply weren't right, but they accepted everything as simply the way the world works and assumed it would never change.  This environment was also heavily steeped in racism and bigotry.  

I have always rebelled against the ignorance of bigotry, injustice and inequality, and apathy.  I refuse to accept the world as is.  My way is to envision how it could be and actively work toward that vision.  Why should we accept any actions or systems which demean and dehumanize us, or demean and dehumanize others?  

My way of being in this world -- calling out what I perceive as wrong and then encouraging positive action -- has always seemed to agitate people.  I'm of an age now that I no longer care.  I am who I am.  And I like me.

Speaking of agitating people...

There have been two fairly recent events which have also directly inspired this Revolution.  

The first was an incident in 2010 when Glenn Beck mentioned Wishadoo! on his Fox News show TV show.  I discovered this when I received nasty emails, posts on Wishadoo!'s Facebook wall, and even a few phone calls, saying "they're watching me" and using words like socialist, communist, fascist, even a few good ol' throwbacks:  liberal, heathen, tree-hugger, do-gooder.

Wishadoo!'s logo magnet on Glenn Beck's infamous board
Even though Mr. Beck didn't overtly disparage Wishadoo! (I'd say he was "snarky"), the website was discussed in the midst of discussing other organizations he obviously despised (evil unions!), with all of us having a place on his now infamous chalkboard.  Seems Wishadoo!'s mission of "compassion" and "cooperation," with a dedication to "collaboration," "communities of mutual benefit" and focusing on "The Common Good"…well, that obviously indicated to him that I and Wishadoo! were trying to destroy America, if not the world.

That experience was nothing new for me, however.  Throughout my life I've been dissed as being a "liberal do-gooder" (trust me, it was not intended as a compliment), among other things. The ability to empathize and put myself in the shoes of another was looked down upon as being "too sensitive."  Again, not a compliment.

The second very recent trigger for this Revolution is a challenge issued from someone who shares Mr. Beck's worldview.  I was told that my work to "advance a world of more genuine compassion, cooperation and community has no value."  Indeed, to this person and many like him, the world is all about competition and greed, and there is nothing wrong with that.  To them, the only thing that needs to change is for people like me to stop trying to change things.

He challenged me to see how many people I could get to stand with my beliefs and values.

That's when the COMPASSION REVOLUTION officially came into stark focus.

(By the way, thank you to Mr. Beck and Mr. Limbaugh and those who follow them and agree with their worldview.  You have all shown me very clearly the type of world I do not want, and energize my work to create a different world Every. Single. Day.)


There is nothing weak about compassion or justice or a belief in Humanity.

There is strength in cooperation.  There is strength in valuing human life over profit.  There is strength in advancing respectful dialogue.

It's time to prioritize our values, stand up for our beliefs and put them into action to the best of our ability each day.  It's called integrity.

The Compassion Revolution is one of strength and integrity.

In spite of the horrors and suffering all around, I continue to have a tremendous faith in Humanity.  I have faith in you.

I invite you to join me and show the world that there are many of us, and that we are ready to embrace this vision and work together to build a more compassionate, collaborative, joy-filled world.

Let's show our politicians, business leaders and media that we support a shift in our systems and institutions to reflect a more compassionate, cooperative world!

I'm ready.  I was born ready.

Are you?




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