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Mark Sanford - Five Things ... right.

Once again I find myself doing a different diary from the one I had planned, this time due to the most unfortunate ... development. It was with the deepest dismay that I heard last night that Mark Sanford’s political career did not meet the ignominious end it so richly deserved. I am an educated fellow, but I don’t have the words to express the magnitude of my disgust over this result.

An hour or so ago I read a CNN editorial discussing ‘Five Things We Learned from’ ... this BS. I am not going to link to it, very simply, because, for THINKING human beings in our society, WE decide what to take away from an occurrence. You want some insight into Sanford’s election? That’s it, right there. Far too many voters accept the thinking of others. And they abdicate the responsibilities voters should embrace everywhere, in every election.

Is it laziness? Can’t be bothered to investigate truth for oneself? Can’t be bothered to invest the time to do the WORK of finding quality, responsible representation? Is it a case of being so thoroughly inoculated against truth and reasonableness that no clearer reality has a chance of breaking through? Is it a testament to the effectiveness of the politics of hatred and racism? To bottomless small-mindedness? Is it all of the above? Something else entirely?

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How many of the voters who voted for that man couldn’t name three true facts about Nancy Pelosi? (You may not believe this, but I assure you, there were Republican voters in that district who could say things like: ‘Stephen Colbert? No kidding! I’ve seen pictures of Nancy Pelosi and I see no family resemblance there whatsoever!’) Including the state she represents? How many of his voters STILL rail against Clinton for his infidelity, and yet swallowed Sanford’s in complete and total hypocrisy without a discordant thought? How many of his voters rant about the ‘sanctity of marriage,’ when the term has no meaning for Mark Sanford?

I think back to 2002 when Bush mangled that old saying ...

There's an old saying in Tennessee - I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee - that says, fool me once, shame on - shame on you. Fool me - you can't get fooled again.
(I always shook my head at that. It isn’t merely that he couldn’t remember the words of the saying - he was so divorced from the world of reality that he didn’t know with confidence that the saying had spread to states beyond Texas.)

This election shows that that kind of thinking still holds sway in (hopefully ever diminishing) areas of the country. Clearly, in SC-01, very many people can get fooled again. And not just twice. Sanford’s scored at their expense quite a few times now. And at our expense.

Yes, Sanford made it an election against Nancy Pelosi. How cowardly is that?! Pelosi was not running in South Carolina. It was cowardly because he knew if he ran against Colbert-Busch he would lose. That is Mark Sanford.

The thing I am saddest about is that even you non-South Carolinians will have to read his name in the news for the remainder of this Congressional term. I am sorry this has been inflicted on you, just as I am sorry it has been inflicted on us in South Carolina. He did not run to help the people of South Carolina. He ran to gratify the limitless ego of Mark Sanford. And that he has done.

If you cannot find any better motivation for the 2014 mid-terms, by all means, hold a picture of Mark Sanford in your mind, with his smug, egotistical smile.


















It is THAT important. They don’t want Speaker Pelosi? Let’s give them PRECISELY that.

And a far better country, besides. More compassionate, more functional, more successful.

One final note. Maybe this won't matter to you, but please know there exist South Carolinians who regard Mark Sanford in the same category of revulsion that is usually reserved for Bush and Cheney and similar scoundrels. Most of us, sadly, were not able to vote in SC-01 yesterday. I wish.

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