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This past March, members of Enfield, Connecticut's school board voted 5-4 to place armed security guards in 10 of their schools. Among the school board members who voted for the guards were Republicans Tom Sirard and Kevin Fealy, the same two men, along with business partner Michael Brennan, who plan to open A Call To Arms  gun store in Enfield later this month. Did I mention that the school board didn'™t bother to wait for a town meeting to hear from their constituents before placing their votes for armed guards? Talk about the foxes guarding the hen house!

According to Sirard, the store has been two years in the making. Sirard also told reporters that the timing may be a little awkward, you know, coming only 5 months after the Sandy Hook massacre and all, but assures residents that the decision to open the store had nothing to do with the tragedy. And this is their proponent's argument: The men could not have possibly known about Sandy Hook 2 years ago. True, but they certainly knew about their plan to open a gun shop whilst they made the secretive vote to arm schools. Oh, and Sirard forgot to mention that he had just been reappointed to a vacant Board of Education seat this past January, the tie-breaking vote on the March armed guard vote.

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In November 2012 Connecticut governor, Dannel P. Malloy, cut almost $8.5 million  from the Department of Education's budget for the 2013 fiscal year. How on this earth is Enfield, or any other public school in Connecticut, nay America, suddenly able to afford armed guards? Will the students now hold car washes to raise funds for better guns for the guards instead of for books or a class trip?

Certain politicians are taking every step possible to ensure our kids have less teachers, less resources, less funding, peaked educations, and less and less support whilst blaming the school systems for failing. The Chamber of Commerce has weaseled their way in to school boards across America making sure teachers, kids, and schools fail even harder. Just ask Georgia or North Carolina. Corporations have had bidding wars for decades-long contracts to profit off our kids with their crappy food and drinks or to solely sponsor their school's sport stadiums. Over the years conservatives have stacked and stripped courts, stacked and stripped elections, stacked and stripped regulatory agencies, and stacked and stripped our country of programs to help our most precious resources -- children.

The Enfield school board members who voted to place armed guards into schools knew exactly what they were doing and you know what? They don't care. They have followed the path of the modern Republican and shrugged off criticism of their transparent lack of morals. I don't live in Connecticut but I do live in New England and in America and on this Earth. Enfield'™s children are my children, too. It is my hope that the people of Enfield will stand tall and demand this ill-gotten/highly secretive vote for armed school guards be reversed. Let the men have their little gun shop, but do not allow them to get away with profiting from their roles as public school board members on the backs of our children.

Before you forward this diary, please contact CT. Governor, Dannel P. Malloy, the Enfield School Board, and the Enfield Superintendent. Please encourage others to do the same.


TEL: (860) 566-4840

Please also contact the Enfield School Board and let them know how you feel:
27 Shaker Road,
Enfield, CT,

Enfield Superintendent: Dr. Jeffrey Schumann,
Superintendent @Enfieldschools.org or by phone at (860) 253-6531

Thanks for taking action. Let's make sure this story goes nationwide!

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