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So this is what the right-wing has had a DEFCON 1 meltdown over, and what the MSM has become bound and determined to turn into a "major White House scandal™":

In that session, the White House asserted that the talking points were not modified for political reasons and noted that they had originally been prepared at the request of Congress. They said frequent, even exhaustive revision of talking points was routine at the White House.

Officials stuck to their contention that the only wording change the White House made was to change the description of the Benghazi annex from a consulate to a diplomatic post. Indeed, the e-mails do not reveal major new details about the attack or other discrepancies in the administration’s evolving account of it.

But when the White House press secretary, Jay Carney, arrived for his on-camera briefing later in the day, he was questioned repeatedly on whether he or the administration deliberately misled reporters last fall about the changes in the talking points.

NYT Linky

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Seriously? That is what the traditional media has decided is going to be the major scandal of the Obama WH? That is what has the right-wing self-immolating? Whether the administration misled reporters about the changes in the talking points? Not about the actual attacks, mind you, but about who the White House told the media was responsible for changes in the fucking media releases? That's it?

What an esoteric, inside-the-Beltway circle-jerk this has become. Mind you, nobody except the right-wing and the traditional media give a flying fuck about this--of course the deaths of the Ambassador and the other three Americans was a tragedy, but this is the most blatantly partisan, and sickeningly hypocritical political brouhaha I believe I have personally ever seen. A "brouhaha" which keenly demonstrates the absolute power the rabid right-wing has over the traditional media--once again, the right has understood that by bleating loudly and repeatedly over any subject, they can get major media exposure and create a "scandal" out of thin air.

In terms of the right, one wonders where this determination to "get to the bottom of things" was after the Bush Administration's failures leading up to 9/11, a series of attacks which killed approximately 75,000% more Americans than the attacks in Benghazi. One wonders where the right's hunger for the truth was following the decade-long disaster in Iraq, which so far has killed approximately 100,000% more Americans than were killed in Benghazi. Again, the hypocrisy here is so rank, so vile, it could only emanate from the right-wing. One wonders where the right's concern for the safety of diplomats was when the Republicans cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the State Department's security budget, a fact swallowed up by this ludicrous, concocted "scandal."

The whole thing is a farce. A front page, above the fold "breaking news" story about media releases which talked about who had actually changed other media releases. Absolutely ridiculous.

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