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All over the media the news is all about a young person righteously ranting for a "better teacher".  The people in the comments fall over themselves condemning the teacher and praising the the student for telling her whats what.
Boy, don't we all wish we were him telling the teacher off.  I mean the kid is so smart he just rolls good teaching practices off his tongue.

"No packets!!!! We kid's don't learn that way!"

Except, for the fact that pubic schools have been the red headed step child for sometime.  And!!!!! nobody asks if the reason for "packets" is that there are not enough textbooks or if the packets are part of the required activity sheets that go with the textbooks chosen by the school board.

18 year old adult male gets to stomp out of a room and carry on loudly, post it on the internet and he is a golden child.
Unseen teacher calmly ask the young person to leave the room and she is slammed for being uninvolved and "lazy".
I know nothing about the teacher except that I was one myself and know how difficult a job it is and how very unappreciated it is.

I always say, in our life history as a child we did something wrong and were punished by a teacher, strike one and then maybe once in error, we were blamed by a teacher for doing something we didn't do, strike two, and finally after many many teachers from kinder to high school we ran into at least one that we really disliked, strike three.  Then there was the one that didn't come running when we raised our hand. Then there was the one who ignored our raised hand.  Then there was one who wore the same clothes every other day. The one that smiled at boy and not girls and then the one that smile at girls and not boys.  The unmarried one, the cute one, the one who is worried about her sick baby while she is at school.  

The one(me) who was worried about the older sister of the kid I kicked out yesterday waiting by my car today.

Teachers are vilified by their children to their parents as a defence for when the report card come out.  Parents blaming the teacher for their child's poor marks when their own parent involvement is totally absent.

What a hard lot to be a teacher.
I wish the teacher in this story well.  She has been unfairly maligned.
We don't know anything about what she did or didn't do. Now this dude is a youth pundit on education.

Ha! The truth will out!


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Anyone who know me knows I am about hands on instruction.  No Child Left Behind requires kids to sit and fill out circles on pages in  "packets".   Yeah, I believe people should should be very active and engaged in teaching, but also the student has to be involved.  Maybe this guy didn't want to do the assignment and wanted to be entertained? He seemed very loquacious so he liked to talk himself.

Teaching is not only being in front of the class yakking.  Sometimes learning is the student writing and thinking for themselves, something that is not asked of them at any other time of the day.

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