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I'm still perplexed about this.  In fact, I'm dumbfounded.  I've written about it many times, over and over.  And here I go again...

I usually sign every petition-signing request I get, be it from the esteemed Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or Al Franken (Important petition to stop discrimination), or from Daily Kos.  Usually there is also a request for a small $3 to $5 donation to keep things going.  I send a little money when I can...

But I scratch my head about this form of activism.  If the entire system of government is a putrid swamp of corruption, what good do these petitions do?  So okay, if any given petition is signed by 2 million people, and the petitions are submitted to The Powers That Be (sometimes with much fanfare in front of the White House), what has that accomplished?

They don't give a shit!  I'm including one of my favorite videos below to accentuate this salient point...

And so I'm providing my name, my home address, my email address when I sign these petitions, and there is usually an opt-in notice alerting to the fact that by signing the petition I agree to receive periodic updates about activism opportunities, etc.  And so I do; I get them from Obama, and from Senators, and from different progressive organizations, but it seems like the format is the same... The latest outrage de jour is highlighted (to get my progressive sensibilities stirred up), a link to the petition is provided, as well as the small donation request.

But, is that it?  Where is the activism?  And to think that there is a huge number of people right here at Daily Kos eagerly waiting to get involved in real highly-organized preemptive activism!

Example (only to illustrate the point I'm making)...

We need your help: We are putting together a team of volunteers to conduct research about influence-peddling corruption on all members of Congress.  We're asking people to identify their members of Congress (regardless of party affiliation) and conduct research on every single corporate donor, high-power individual or organization associated with them, and then help us identify patterns of pay to play arrangements.  We will then use this information to launch a relentless campaign against these politicians, exposing these relationships, informing the public about it.  We will place ads, organize protest rallies, call their offices, etc.

Target, Big Box Retailers: We're organizing a campaign against Big Box retailers to expose how they negatively affect entire communities around the country....

Labor Organizing: We are establishing a nationwide network of labor union activists with the intention targeting the worst anti-union corporations on an ongoing basis.  We need volunteer researchers to identify nationwide anti-union patterns.  Part of the campaigns will involve sending out press releases, placing ads, and organizing ongoing protest rallies against the worst corporate offenders.

Why isn't this happening?  Why isn't there an effort to plan ahead, be proactive, target corruption at a root level, put real pressure on an ongoing, nonstop, relentless manner, setup collaborative arrangements (networks) between progressive organizations?

Where is the activism?  See how organized the billionaires-funded groups are.  They march in lockstep, and they are moving their agenda forward, nonstop.  They have a vision, an agenda, a plan, a strategy.

There are a lot of very smart people on the Left.  I'm sure they could come up with a way of counteracting what the fascist billionaires are doing.

I don't understand...


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