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MT 12 photo DSCN6941_zps3ce31e20.jpg

The powwow is a public celebration and demonstration of community pride in Indian culture and a way of honoring Native American heritage. At the present time, there are powwows held in all fifty states and in most of the Canadian provinces. Some are held on reservations and reserves, while others are held in places such as universities and colleges. One of the mainstays of most powwows is the men’s traditional dance which has its heritage is the older Plains Indian warrior dances. The dance regalia for the men’s traditional are characterized by a feather bustle. Shown below are some of the men's traditional dancers at the 45th annual Kyi-Yo powwow at the University of Montana in Missoula.


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MT 1 photo DSCN7154_zpsdeda68a4.jpg

MT 2 photo DSCN6922_zps52938bfa.jpg

MT 3 photo DSCN6923_zps8f2afdd2.jpg

MT 4 photo DSCN6924_zpsa9e5b96a.jpg

MT 5 photo DSCN6927_zps3d7a8a01.jpg

MT photo DSCN6932_zpsa2ee21bb.jpg

MT 7 photo DSCN6933_zps22270372.jpg

MT 8 photo DSCN6936_zps23158f86.jpg

MT 9 photo DSCN6937_zps6d65af51.jpg

MT 10 photo DSCN6938_zps4c05e631.jpg

MT 11 photo DSCN6939_zps976f7269.jpg

MT 13 photo DSCN7058_zpsae9fac50.jpg

MT 14 photo DSCN7059_zpse1507d65.jpg

MT 15 photo DSCN7063_zps1826c485.jpg

MT 16 photo DSCN7066_zpsb34a794e.jpg

MT 17 photo DSCN7073_zps2f2d36a8.jpg

MT 18 photo DSCN7075_zps896747c9.jpg

MT 19 photo DSCN7077_zps7c17b1ed.jpg

MT 20 photo DSCN7087_zps90a5b93e.jpg

MT 21 photo DSCN7097_zps958080c9.jpg

MT 22 photo DSCN7098_zps4f37d0b7.jpg

MT 23 photo DSCN7099_zpsd8b88ee8.jpg

MT 24 photo DSCN7104_zps1d057e8e.jpg

MT 25 photo DSCN7107_zps81e3476c.jpg

MT 26 photo DSCN7108_zps7536aecf.jpg

MT 27 photo DSCN7115_zps037b18bd.jpg

MT 28 photo DSCN7118_zpse005ae95.jpg

MT 29 photo DSCN7128_zps57ae6ef6.jpg

MT 30 photo DSCN7143_zps1bfba294.jpg

MT 31 photo DSCN7144_zps5bb6acfd.jpg

MT 32 photo DSCN7146_zpsf9342094.jpg

MT 33 photo DSCN7148_zps30798067.jpg

Native American Netroots Web BadgeCross Posted at Native American Netroots

 An ongoing series sponsored by the Native American Netroots team focusing on the current issues faced by American Indian Tribes and current solutions to those issues.

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Originally posted to Native American Netroots on Mon May 13, 2013 at 06:49 AM PDT.

Also republished by Pink Clubhouse.

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