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Almost seven years ago, I posted This electric car will make you drool.   I knew, even then, the Tesla would change things.  

As the company has matured along with the technology, Tesla has also created a new model for marketing and sales.  This has proven quite successful.  In fact, Tesla "S" cars outsold comparable Mercedes (S class), BMW (7 series), AND Audi (A8).  Consumer Reports just gave the Tesla the highest score ever for a car.   Their stock value has jumped 40% in the last few days.   Not too shabby for a company many had written off as dead a few years back before they got some government support.  Even FOX "News" is singing their praises.  And that is AFTER they mocked any notion of a federal loan for auto manufacturing.  Of course, now they just ignore that inconvenient truth.

Who could possibly be stupid enough to try and slow this juggernaut down by stepping in the way?  


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North Carolina's legislature, of course.  These are the people who think they can legislate away the impact of global warming and rising sea levels by legislating against exponential extrapolations.  

I realize that history is a mystery to the people who keep their heads firmly wedged up their own asses.   But if they ever come up for air, I think they might want to check out the story of Old King Canute:

Canute is famous for the tale of the incoming tide. According to legend, Canute’s courtiers flattered him into believing that his word was so powerful that even the tide would recede at his command. Canute is said to have taken this compliment literally and had his throne placed by the shore and vainly attempted to command the waves to recede until he almost drowned.
There is an alternative interpretation to that story.  In the alternate version, Canute, who was no fool, put on that demonstration to show his courtiers he was not buying their baloney.    Unfortunately, I don't think we can say the same thing about the NC legislature.

I confess it is kind of sad to watch people willfully turn their backs on the future and fling themselves over the Cliffs of Insanity as they try to recapture a past that never existed.   I don't see how this story ends well for them.

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