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. . . as long as it ends with an abortion." - my summary of a Ray Comfort post.

Yesterday I was writing a humorous diary about Ray Comfort.  

You may remember Ray Comfort (better known in some circles as "Banana Boy" ) as Kirk Cameron's favorite preacher and buddy bud.  He is famous or infamous for his supposed "take down" of atheists over a banana.

The banana the "Atheists' Nightmare!" ba ba bum!

Except it was a fail, in the worst possible way.  The popular banana is actually a genetically engineered plantain so everything Comfort is praising about the banana and it's creator . . . well that's man.  Same way that man has created the Munchkin cat.

Roy regularly holds court does battle with atheists and other non-believers on Facebook.  In fact he recruited Christians to help him "do battle" with the awful atheists on Facebook.

Yesterday I was scrolling through Comfort's FB page looking for the date and URL for an equally stupid assertion of his:

So after your brain stops exploding  . . . I can tell you that he either must have received so much blow back that he deleted it or that it is deeper into his time line. Or he didn't write it at all. I couldn't find it.  But I did find other gems.

me thinks you don't understand how atheism works


So the only laws are in the Old Testament, or something.  But I am starting to believe you wrote that sun update.


Again, me thinks you don't understand how atheism works.


Well now, I am convinced that you did write the sun update.

But I made the mistake of scrolling a bit deeper and found this:

more after the orange cloud

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Ray Comfort · 193,935 like this
May 10 at 1:49pm ·

    One of the three Cleveland girls who was kidnapped and held captive for ten years says that she had become pregnant five times and that each time her captor, Ariel Castro, starved her and punched her in the stomach until she miscarried. According to CBS News, unlawful termination of a pregnancy in Ohio is to commit murder, and Castro could be given the death sentence.

    But one moment. Why is there such an outcry about the termination of five pregnancies? Everyone knows “It’s not a child in the womb,” and besides, each of the pregnancies were the product of rape, and according to pro-abortion advocates should be terminated.

    The key is the word “unlawful.” Her captive should have had the five children killed lawfully at an abortion clinic.

    Hypocrisy is not confined to the Church.

I stopped, this was no longer going to be a humorous diary.  In so many ways his post is wrong and offensive.  It supposes that as long as there is a termination of the pregnancy "pro-abortion advocates" are fine with the method.

We'll forget for a moment that no one is pro-abortion, they are pro-choice.  This is the "states rights" vs "war against slavery" argument in the women's rights arena. Just as the state right the south was fighting for was solely to own slaves (they just need to give the reason a frilly dress and teach it some manners) the "pro-life" name sound nice, but when you look deeper you realize it's only for the life of the fetus, not the child after it's born, not the mother during or after pregnancy.  The only reason "pro-life" groups and legislation exists is to force pregnancy. No matter how that pregnancy came about.  No matter the unlawful confinement, no matter the torture, no matter the conditions.

The post is sick to the extreme.  

There isn't any hypocrisy.

No Ray, the key word  is not “unlawful, the key word is "CHOICE. " Which these women did not have.  

She didn't have any say or choice to keep or terminate.  She was forced to terminate.  And not just terminate in a clinic or through chemical abortion but through torture.

Even in rape the CHOICE to keep or terminate is the victim's. Because Ray Comfort and his ideologues wouldn't have given her a choice either, they would force her to carry her rape pregnancy.

One might even make the connection that in this regard Ray Comfort is like Ariel Castro, denying CHOICE to the victim.

Lastly, and something Ray Comfort and others of the forced birth movement don't want you to consider:  Had Ariel Castro taken Michelle Knight to a clinic to end just one of her pregnancies, her captivity and the captivity of Amanda Berry,  Jocelyn Berry, and Gina DeJesus would have probably ended much sooner.

Extended (Optional)

Originally posted to Clytemnestra on Tue May 14, 2013 at 08:05 AM PDT.

Also republished by Pro Choice and Abortion.

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