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Strong cluster of supercell storms moving through Ft Worth/Dallas metroplex at the moment. Just had some wind damage here outside of DFW airport at my own apartments and reports of tornados and destruction in granbury.  

wfaa.com has more updates, power may be spotty so I may or may not be able to update


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We are now getting reports of some homes in the Rancho Brazos subdivision near Granbury that have been leveled by an apparent tornado, with as many as 40 suffering damage and some people injured. - Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus

8:44p A tornado warning continues for Dallas and Tarrant counties until 9:15 p.m., but we've seen no reports yet of a touchdown in those counties. - Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus

6:50 PM PT: http://wxug.us/...

6:50 PM PT: Above is wunderground radar link

6:51 PM PT: Live video http://www.myfoxdfw.com/...

6:52 PM PT: Major structure damage in Hood County with possible injuries, fear of gas leaks. Moving along highway 174. Cleburne area take shelter

6:54 PM PT: Grand Prarie area possible rotation N of I20 East of 360. Broad rotation. Sirens going off here a few miles from DFW airport

6:56 PM PT: very large rotation outside Cleburne area. power flashes so if you know anyone in the area may want to give them a call.

Tornado warning extended for this storm in Johnson County.

6:59 PM PT: golfball sized hail in Cleburne as I type. Grapefruit size in western counties.

6:59 PM PT: Tornado Warning until 945 PM w/ history of producing tornados 8 miles SW of Cleburne moving SE.

7:07 PM PT: well defined circulation continues to show signs of strengthening just SW of Cleburne. Other areas of spotty rotation continue across the metroplex but this storm in Cleburne is of the most concern from eyewitness reports

7:09 PM PT: All available ambulances being requested for Rio Brazos. Major damage in hood county, possible mass casualties

7:12 PM PT: Repeat extensive damage. Calling for help from any available source.

7:13 PM PT:

7:16 PM PT: Gas Line explosion in Rancho Brazos neighborhood. casualties reported. powerlines down.  

Very large wedge tornado west of Rio Vista. Mile Wide tornado

7:19 PM PT:

Tornado turning north towards Cleburne. Take shelter immediately. Large wedge tornado.

7:22 PM PT: Tornado made a shift due north through Cleburne.

7:24 PM PT: NWS capable of incredible desturction. Exact wording.

7:25 PM PT: 80mph winds reported at Cleburne hospital.

7:26 PM PT:

New circulation possibly forming N of Rio Vistas area.

7:30 PM PT: New rotation just south of me near Cockrell Hill near Oak Cliff. Very serious issue if this strengthens, this is hugely populated area

7:31 PM PT: Tornado Warning issued for Dallas County.

7:34 PM PT: Possible tornado in Oak Cliff moving NE toward Dallas 950.

7:40 PM PT: I can currently view a wall cloud almost directly over downtown Dallas area from my apartment balcony.

7:48 PM PT: Circulation reformed in Johnson County.

7:51 PM PT: Still no word on casualty numbers froms any of these storms but reports earlier where not good. Could be some time before extent of damage is known

7:55 PM PT:


7:58 PM PT: Rotation in Johnson County moving east towards I35, Grandview area at just 5 mph.

Reports of power outages continue to rise.

8:05 PM PT: Reports of school buses being used to transport 'walking wounded' to hospital from Rio Vista area. Still no word on numbers, Massive damage reported

8:14 PM PT: 2 casualties reported in Hood County

8:42 PM PT: Number of injuries continues to rise, schools being opened to treat wounded. Extent of damage will not be clear until morning. First responders working situation, Mayor asking for N Texans to use 911 wisely to avoid stressing system.

9:16 PM PT: At least 10 tornadoes have struck the dfw area this evening.

Reports continue that a gas explosion caused a number of injuries.

Flash Flooding becoming a concern, 6 inches have fallen in some areas.

Red Cross working to open shelter location in Hood and Johnson counties.

11:00 PM PT: At least six people were killed and scores were injured as tornadic storms moved across North Texas on Wednesday evening. The worst damage appears to be in a subdivision near Granbury in Hood County. The region is under a tornado watch until 1 a.m. Thursday.

Thu May 16, 2013 at  3:46 AM PT: Some pictures and updates from Dailymail

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