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I am so tired of all the posturing on either side of the political divide. I am so tired of those taking sides, vomiting up, along with their bile, the inevitable "lesser of two evils" mantra. Obama, Boehner... whoever... I'm sick of them all.

Whether Republican or Democrat, really, haven't we had enough of epically bad governance? No? No, apparently not... epically bad governance isn't compelling enough. We still have to try to lessen the stupidity of one side by magnifying the screwball antics of the other.

keyrist. i am so tired of it.

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Epically bad governance and insane partisanship is the perfect cover for zero accountability of the powerful. It generates so much noise that we become lost in all the crap headed our way or that we are enduring or have endured in these last decades... and all of it is a direct DIRECT result of lack of accountability. This is due to both brand Democrats and Republicans and all those on the professional left and right, including those putrid partisan pundits of the corporate owned media.

So, what happens tomorrow? Hang onto brand Democrats? Let's be clear about one thing: this isn't about Obama, but Democrats (most of them anyway) and, while I hate to be partisan, ALL Republicans.

So what's going to happen tomorrow? What will we do? Come up with innovative strategies? Figure out where to position ourselves to mitigate this mess and exert influence?

Or will we continue to have hope that somebody else is gonna take care of things? Will we allow more blah blah and the promise of lower interest rates on student loans to keep us inert? Maybe Liz is one of the good ones... but so far, it's a lot of things that sound great... but where's the beef?

What's gonna happen tomorrow? What's our ground game? If we can crush Rush, if we can turn out voters to win elections, then why are we still losing????

What will happen tomorrow? And tomorrow and tomorrow? Will we stay stuck? Or will we decide to change the game? Spend our money differently, find citizens in communities who are interested to serve those communities and their country?

What will happen tomorrow? Before the great migration of displaced people, the destruction of our food sources, the theft of our water? What will happen tomorrow? Will we choose to stay mired and not able to act on our own behalf? Or do we get back to the ground game, the one in which all politics is trickle up?

What happens tomorrow... depends.on.us.

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