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Advertising in an age of deep recession.


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Hello fellow DKer's.

My name is Tom. I am 62 (in June). I've been a Democrat since I could vote. I've been an advertising photographer since 1973 and an Advertising Agency owner since 1987. See http://wyckoff.com

The purpose of this diary is to chronicle the life, emotions and general observations of an educated, once quite successful businessman during a time of great economic upheaval caused (at least in my mind) by the combination of Republican fear-mongering, right-wing economic theories, the rise of unbridled capitalism spurred by the military-industrials and big-pharma.

Some background: I have been married to my wonderful wife for 22 years. I have 6 children (3 by my first wife and 3 step-children). I have 6 grandchildren. I live in Wheaton, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago that is home to some of the Midwest's most virulent Bible-thumpers, but they are only about 1/3 of the population - otherwise it's a nice place to live. I have been a private pilot (presently inactive), internet guru (hard to keep up these days), and a smoker, drinker and generally non-compliant citizen of the planet. I do a little writing, but it is mostly confined to comments on blogs, letters to the editor and an unfinished novel. I am the father of two gay sons and one gay step-son. My daughters are all straight. Among my four best friends, two are retired Union guys, one is a retired school administrator and the forth is a self-employed portrait photographer.

I am an avid reader of Bill in Portland Maine as well as Central Misery. I wish to add my experiences to theirs on a regular basis.

Well, I have to start somewhere and here seems as good a place as any.

The last 4-1/2 years have been awful financially, but wonderful in a totally unexpected way. I will write about the background of both in my next post if anybody is interested.


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