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This video of a crowd estimated to be in the thousands of anti-gay protesters attacking a busload of activists attempting to hold a gay pride rally in the Georgian capital Tbilisi has shaken me to my core. The several dozen brave souls who attempted their peaceful march had to be rescued by police and bused out of the city center for their safety. The mob decended on the bus with such ferocity that it's lucky they escaped with their lives.

Although the Georgian authorities had given permission for the rally to take place, counter protesters were organized with the aid of Orthodox priests to stop the event from happening. The violence of the anti-gay protesters is a frightening sight to behold.

From Reuters.

Holding banners saying "Stop Homosexual Propaganda in Georgia!" and "Not in our city!", the demonstrators swarmed into a square in central Tbilisi where about 50 Georgians were rallying in support of gay rights. Police escorted the gay rights supporters onto buses and drove them away to avoid violence.

Several people, including some journalists, received minor injuries, Georgian media said.

"We won't allow these sick people to hold gay parades in our country," said Zhuzhuna Tavadze, brandishing a bunch of nettles and adding that she was ready to fight.

"It's against our traditions and our morals."

Later in the evening, rowdy crowds took to the streets and started shouting at people they thought might be homosexual.

America blog is reporting that the crowds were shouting “Kill them! Tear them to pieces!” and “Where are they? Don’t leave them alive!”

Georgia has expressed interest in joining the European Union, however, until substantial progress has been made on these human rights abuses, the EU would be better off without them. That sits just fine with many of the narrow-minded population.

We are against the propaganda of homosexuality," 21-year-old student Nikolai Kiladze said. "If we need to allow parades like this in order to become a member of the European Union or other Western organizations and blocs, then I'm against joining these organizations.
There are plenty of people here in our own country who would like to see us treated exactly the same way as Georgia treats its LGBT community. Case in point, a nasty screed was posted this morning on Free Republic celebrating the turn of events.
Gay Pride Parade in Georgia Derailed

Thousands of anti-gay protestors, including Orthodox priests, occupied a central street in Georgia's capital Friday, with some threatening to lash with stinging neddles any participate in a gay pride parade which was take place there.

When I read the headline I thought it was Georgia, USA, with some good ole boys busting some heads. Then reality set in. This could never happen in the United States without the anti-sodomite protestors being arrested and prosecuted. The sodomite invasion is taking place all over the world, but it's nice to see that there are people that are fighting back. Also the world's worse mass murderer was a Russian sodomite, plus lard ass John Wayne Gacy, Dahlmer, Wayne Williams, all murdering sodomites who hated themselves so they go on a killing spree.

Fortunately we no longer live in a country where the sentiments of this creep from Free Republic voice the majority opinion on our rights as Americans. Just the same, we need to maintain constant vigilance from those here who would do us harm.

Update:  Big thanks to kimoconnor for including these videos in comments. From the BBC:


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