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I find this music intoxicating!  Come join the party and add your favorites.


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Yvonne Chaka Chaka

Best song EVAH in praise of traditional homebrew.

This was Yvonnes big hit that really introduced her to Africa. Bigger than 'I'm In Love With A DJ' and went viral Afica wide. The video was shot in October 1986 in varios locations in Johannesburg and out at Heia Safari Ranch near Muldersdrift. Filmed on 16mm Arri. DOP Roy MacGregor, styled by Leigh vd Merwe, produced by Pierre Hinch for S&H Films. Record co is Dephon, Phil Hollis. The video was Written, edited and directed by a young Makhlari. The aim was to put sneak in some social commentary desguised as celebration. It was the apartheid era afterall and little dissent could be shown on TV.
 I work hard every day
 To make my beer
 Wake up early every morning
 To please my people with African beer
 I make sure the fire burns
 To make my beer
 My special beer Umqombothi
 Is African beer

 We MaDlamini (Everybody)
 Uph'umqombothi (Come and drink my)
 We MaDlamini (magic beer)

 I work hard to make them happy
 Every weekend (Umqombothi)
 Makes them party to the rhythm
 Makes them dance, this magic beer (Umqobothi)
 I wanna make you happy (Umqobothi)
 I wanna make you smile (Umqobothi)
 I wanna make you dance (Umqobothi), dance
 I'll make sure there's a party
 Where they drink my special beer
 Umqombothi is magic beer
 Umqombothi is African beer

Mahlathini Mahotella Queens

These women know how to dance!

Contrast of traditional rural and modern urban.  Like the foregoing, a longing for the traditional and a commitment to maintain that spirit in modern surroundings.

Johnny Clegg

I first heard this song on the radio when visiting South Africa in the '90s. First order of business was to get to a music store and get a CD!

This part always gives me spirit chills:

When the night is lonely and I fear the coming day
 I reach out and touch you
 And I call your name
The I Threes sing a Bob Marley tune

From Jamaica, of course, but it fits

Approximate lyrics:

Lively up yourself and don't be no drag
 Lively up yourself, 'cause this is the other bag
 Hey, lively up yourself and don't be no drag
 You lively up yourself, dig it, the other bag

 Hey, you rock so, you rock so, like you never did before
 You dip so, you dip so, and you can dip thru my door
 You come so, you come so, oh yeah, like I do adore you

 You can lively up yourself and don't be no drag
 Hey, you lively up yourself, can you dig it?

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