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Tom Sullivan, the father of 27 year old victim of the Aurora Massacre, tried to speak to Colorado State Senator and Minority Leader Bill Cadman asking him emphatically to try and imagine the pain of losing a child. Instead of listening, Bill Cadman opens his notebook and starts scribbling random lines and doodles.

You can see for yourself in the video below at 1:54 as Cadman opens his book, and nonchalantly starts drawing lines.

The whole video is pretty sickening, as it shows the mentality of these Republican hypocrites. Bill Cadman in the beginning, doesn't realize that Sullivan is the father of a victim of gun violence, and gets incensed at Tom Sullivan's "insults". Cadman petulantly closes his book and says "I'm done", and refuses to listen to Sullivan, until Sullivan starts speaking about his son. Then Cadman realizes he looks like a fool, and reopens his book and starts doodling. He is clearly pretending to take notes, just like he pretends to show concern.

First of all, this man lost his son, so he gets to vent- stop whining about being insulted. But even if he didn't have such a horrific experience, you, Mr. Cadman, are an elected representative. It is your job and your duty to listen to the grievances of the people you represent.

Instead Cadman shows that he is an elite politician, exactly the boogeyman on the left he pretends to fight.

Afterwards, Tom Sullivan claims that he tried to talk to Mr. Cadman, saying “I walked right up to him, and I handed him one of the pictures, and I said, ‘This is a picture of my son,’” Sullivan recounted. “He looked me right in the eyes and he said angrily to me, ‘I know what he looks like,’ and he walked away.”

Normally, I wouldn't believe that anyone could be so cartoonish and callous, but after watching his behavior in the video, I wouldn't put it past him.

What's funny is what the two sides of the conversation have to bring to the table. On one side, we have a man whose son was brutally and senselessly killed by gun violence. On the other side, we have an elite politician whose "son is a scout" and whose "in-laws go to Canada every year" as evidence of people who suffer from Democratic overreach.

He should resign immediately in disgrace.


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