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For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is one of the laws of physics, at least as far as my limited understanding of these things leads me to believe. There is another law that I'd like to talk about, and that would be the Law of Consequences. Every act of kindness or ill will has a consequence. Sometimes it takes a long time to come to fruition but it does happen and it is even referenced in the Bible where Jesus taught that a person reaps what they sow. If you sow the wind then you will reap the whirlwind.

I say this because I've been thinking a lot lately about various things and there are some trends that I find disturbing and I wanted to share the conclusions that I've come to. First is the trend within certain sects of American Christianity where people look down on one another based on material possessions. This comes directly from the controversial "prosperity gospel". Now the problem here is that the prosperity message is rooted in a grain of truth. As a Christian I do believe that if a person obeys God then He will bless that person. The problem is that proponents of the prosperity message forget that apostles, like Paul, had very hard times in their lives. Paul, at times, had no place to sleep, was often cold and had an illness of some sort that God never healed. He did prosper, but not financially.  Because they don't teach that aspect of things it has led some people to look down on those that aren't wealthy or financially well off. The poison thought is that if a person doesn't have all the nice things I have then they must be sinning, or not trusting God enough, or just not doing all the good things that I'm doing. This thought process leads to the formation of cliques and a smug sense of superiority that taints all the good works that a person does. You don't do a good work to get a reward, you do a good work to help another person, or as an act of love and kindness.

Similarly the Republican embrace of Ayn Rand has had led a movement within the party to believe that if a person isn't rich then they must be stupid or just not working hard enough. They think that because they have wealth then they are better than other people. You see the contempt that this faction has for the poor when they want to cut  all the programs that help the poor while giving more and more tax breaks to the wealthy. Now I don't think that taxes should be onerous, but people should pay their taxes. We lose around millions of dollars a year to tax evasion, enough to fully fund the food stamp program a couple times over, yet you never hear them talk about going after the tax cheats. Instead people that find ways to pay less in taxes are lauded as being smart business people. At the same time they call anyone who gets government assistance a moocher, or a loser, or some other insult meant to paint them as the other.

Actually both of these philosophies do the same thing. They paint people as an other, as someone who should be scorned because they don't have material wealth. I see the problem growing all the time and I don't know what to do about it, aside from try and talk reason and put just act with kindness towards everyone, and this is leads me to my final point. We need to stop attacking one another. Policy disagreements are one thing, we all have them. Heck even here there are people who have differing opinions on the issues and that's what makes for a good discussion. The problem arises when we attack one another personally for those policy disagreements. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive to this because I was bullied, and called just about everything in the book while I was growing up, or it could be because I was a mouthy jerk about my beliefs for a long time; but I just wish that the average person of both sides could just sit and talk without the talking heads screaming about things.

Maybe they'd come away with a better understanding of one another and stop thinking of the poor, the sick and anyone different then them as an other. Maybe, just maybe, they'd see each other as people and therefore deserving of respect and kindness.

That's all for now.

May God bless you and may God be gracious to you

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Originally posted to bayushisan on Mon May 20, 2013 at 01:48 PM PDT.

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